REST API for SBC Configuration

Why REST APIs are Not Yet Another SBC Configuration Interface

For most of us who grew up in the telecom industry, management protocols like SNMP, TR-69, and Command Line Interface (CLI) have been for many years the only management protocols we’ve known and used on telecom equipment. Telecom’s bigger (but younger) brother, the Internet, has developed its own set of management interfaces (APIs), mainly SOAP and REST.

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Redundancy & High Availability

High Availability Redundancy for All

The need for businesses to remain on-line at all times, if the connection to the service provider or on premise equipment should go down, is a critical one. And it is critical for all businesses, large and small alike. In VoIP networking, the ability to always keep the network up and running is called High Availability (HA) and it can mean several things.[...]

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Waves - Communications Webification

Things I Picked Up at WebRTC World East 2014

Last week was a busy one at WebRTC World in Atlanta with several parallel tracks, demos, keynote sessions and many discussions with long-time friends from the industry and some new friends I made at this event. With all the hype around WebRTC these past couple of years many are now disappointed as they don’t see the growth happening at the “expected” pace.[...]

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