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Navigating CCaaS Migration with AudioCodes Communications and Business Continuity Solutions

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Navigating CCaaS Migration with AudioCodes Communications and Business Continuity Solutions

The cloud promised a contact center utopia, seamless scalability, OpEx over CapEx and IT teams freed from the shackles of hardware and weekend updates. While Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offers significant advantages, outages can still disrupt your operations, even on the most reliable CCaaS platforms. But the question remains: is your contact center truly prepared for rainy days?

In collaboration with CX Today, we dive into the crucial topic of contact center resilience and explore the essential business continuity measures that every contact center should adopt to ensure uninterrupted customer service delivery, even in the face of CCaaS outages.

CCaaS Migration and Its Challenges

The move to CCaaS introduces inherent challenges, with one of the most pressing being the reliance on vendor availability and susceptibility to disruptions in public cloud services. As organizations entrust their contact center operations to their chosen cloud vendor, they inadvertently open themselves up to vulnerabilities that can result in business disruptions, should communication channels to and from the cloud face interference. This interference can stem from a number of sources that can include technical glitches, network issues, human errors, power outages or even hardware problems in a data center that you will never see. 

Peace of Mind During Migration

AudioCodes offers its customers peace of mind throughout the complex migration journey to CCaaS and beyond. By leveraging AudioCodes’ expertise, organizations can effectively mitigate risks and safeguard business continuity during the transition phase and throughout the entire operational lifecycles of their contact centers. With AudioCodes' robust business continuity solutions in place, organizations can confidently navigate CCaaS migration challenges, ensuring uninterrupted communication and optimal customer service delivery.

Business Continuity Solutions Done Right

AudioCodes confronts these challenges head-on with tailored solutions to ensure uninterrupted communication operations during CCaaS migration:

Continuous Voice Operation Systems Using Robust WebRTC Technology

For cost-effective continuity during a CCaaS outage, AudioCodes provides a compact solution based on WebRTC technology, enabling agents to seamlessly receive and initiate calls during CCaaS disruptions on WebRTC softphones. This minimizes downtime, ensuring operational continuity and allowing businesses to maintain service levels without interruptions.

Premium Intelligent Routing Solutions for Contact Centers:

In the event of a CCaaS outage, AudioCodes' Voca steps in as a backup contact center to give your business the on-premise insurance it needs when the lights go out on your cloud contact center. AudioCodes' Voca kicks into play, empowering companies with a robust interactive voice response (IVR) system, equipped with advanced features such as skill-based routing and local recording options. This ensures seamless customer interactions with live agents even during CCaaS outages so that service excellence and customer satisfaction are never at risk should downtime occur.

AudioCodes High Availability Voice Infrastructure and Expert Communications Services

AudioCodes, a leader in managed voice infrastructure services, combines decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled communications solutions. Operating on our own engineered equipment and proprietary technology, we ensure unmatched interoperability and voice quality performance. At the forefront of enterprise voice infrastructure, AudioCodes Session Border Controllers (SBCs) provide seamless connectivity, top-tier security and exceptional voice quality across diverse deployment options. Certified by leading providers like Microsoft Teams and Genesys, our SBCs offer flexibility, security and reliability, essential for success in the cloud era.

For a deeper dive into strategies for maintaining business continuity in contact centers, be sure to check out our featured article in CX Today, Contact Center Business Continuity: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve.


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