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Video Blog ▶ Service Provider? Offer Operator Connect to Your Customers the EASY Way

Video Blog ▶ Service Provider? Offer Operator Connect to Your Customers the EASY Way

Microsoft Teams has made a name for itself as the go-to unified communications platform in the hybrid work era, with over 320 million active users1.

At the same time, an increasing number of organizations embracing Microsoft Teams are also keen to connect their Teams deployments to the PSTN to enable Microsoft Teams voice calling functionality.

Operator Connect is just one way for these organizations to connect to the PSTN. It’s pretty straightforward – all they need to do is select the operator of their choice directly from the Microsoft Teams admin center and they’re ready to go.

Where Does This Leave Service Providers?

Service providers naturally want to attract new business by covering all their customers’ UC and productivity needs, and Operator Connect represents a significant and expanding revenue opportunity for them.

However, before service providers can offer Operator Connect directly to their end customers, they need to enroll in the Operator Connect Partner Program. This process involves successfully completing a number of stages to attain the coveted Microsoft-authorized third-party verification and certification.

To streamline this procedure, many service providers opt for a more efficient way of doing things by using a platform from an approved Microsoft Operator Connect Accelerator partner. This approach simplifies and automates the development and integration process, allowing service providers to meet all of Microsoft’s Operator Connect criteria far more quickly.

AudioCodes Live Cloud Covers ALL the Bases

AudioCodes Live Cloud is one of those approved Operator Connect Accelerator platforms, and is featured on Microsoft’s website. This easy-to-use SaaS solution reduces the time and effort required for service providers to qualify for Operator Connect and enables them to start onboarding customers and deliver a managed multi-tenant Microsoft Teams voice service simply and rapidly.

Live Cloud is an end-to-end managed solution that includes an updated portal, comprehensive reporting and monitoring capabilities, user and calling policy management and full Day 2 support. It provides all the necessary components for customer onboarding, completely automating the whole process from start to finish.

In addition, Live Cloud is packed with powerful management tools, encompassing customer onboarding, SBC traffic, call quality, Teams QoE and topology health. User and policy management is streamlined by an intuitive self-service portal with audit functionality and role-based access control, minimizing the need for PowerShell expertise and reducing potential OpEx costs.

Wait. There’s More!

And if all that wasn’t enough, Live Cloud also includes a range of innovative, productivity-boosting add-ons such as a Teams-native contact center solution, meeting productivity and interactions recording solutions, business phones and meeting room devices.

For more information, check out the short clip at the top of this page.

1 Microsoft Fiscal Year 2024 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call


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