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AudioCodes One Voice AudioCodes One Voice

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    Summer’s in Session, Time to Recharge!

    By VOICE BLOG TEAM July 26, 2023

    As we look forward to our summer break, there has been a lot to discuss in the early part of this..

    Product Notice #0362 - Security Changes for Skype for Business Future-proof 3PIP Phones (OAuth 2.0)

    By PRODUCT NOTICES April 2, 2020

    AudioCodes 3PIP Phones are designed to support an enhanced user experience that is aligned with the..

    Product Notice #0379 - Software Update for AudioCodes Latest Release of SBCs & Media Gateways V7.20A.256

    By PRODUCT NOTICES March 25, 2020

    We are delighted to announce the release of Software Version 7.20A.256 for AudioCodes session..

    Product Notice #0382 – Release of AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) Version 9.0 for General Availability

    By PRODUCT NOTICES March 4, 2020

    This new version release of AudioCodes Routing Manager offers a more flexible implementation of the..

    Product Notices #0381 and #0371 – Release of One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) Version 7.8.126 for General Availability

    By PRODUCT NOTICES February 26, 2020

    We are excited to announce the release of OVOC Version 7.8.126, which enables integrated voice..

    Product Notice #0376 – GA Release of AudioCodes SmartTAP™ 360° Recording Solution Version 5.0

    By PRODUCT NOTICES February 12, 2020

    Call recording capabilities are critical to delivering voice-enabled digital transformation in the..

    Product Notice #0373: Release of AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) Version 8.8 for General Availability

    By PRODUCT NOTICES January 22, 2020

    We are pleased to announce the release of ARM Software Version 8.8.21 for General Availability (GA)..

    Product Notice #0370 - AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    By PRODUCT NOTICES December 4, 2019

    As AudioCodes continues to support the adoption of the public cloud, we are delighted to announce..

    Product Notice #0372 – Update to Software Release Policy – Session Border Controller (SBC) and Media Gateways

    By PRODUCT NOTICES November 6, 2019

    AudioCodes update to software release policies for SBC and media gateway solutions.

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