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Vanderlande's Successful Migration to a Microsoft Teams Contact Center with Voca CIC

Transforming Microsoft Teams into a Contact Center with Voca CIC – Vanderlande’s Success Story

By leveraging AudioCodes’ solutions, Vanderlande upgraded their contact center infrastructure, streamlined their voice connectivity and improved overall efficiency and management of their voice networks. Join us as we explore the details of Vanderlande’s requirements and discover how their commitment to great customer service led them to use Voca Conversational Interaction Center (CIC) for 170 hotlines operating 24/7.

The Customer

Vanderlande, headquartered in the Netherlands, specializes in delivering innovative logistic process automation solutions tailored for warehousing, airports and parcel sectors. Their focus on fast, reliable and efficient automation technology is geared towards optimizing operations and ensuring high-quality service for a global clientele. 

The Challenge

In tackling the challenges posed by evolving communication needs, Vanderlande undertook an initiative to transform their contact center’s communication from top to bottom. Vanderlande’s goal was to streamline Microsoft Teams Phone and contact center as a service (CCaaS) through a single managed service, optimizing the efficiency of their communication ecosystem.

Vanderlande searched for a solution that precisely aligned with their business requirements, which included resiliency, dependability and cost-effectiveness.

The Solution


Vanderlande used AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams, making it the core component of their Microsoft Teams Phone deployment. AudioCodes Live simplified their operations by seamlessly connecting Microsoft Teams to their current telephony and communication infrastructures using Direct Routing.

Having successfully collaborated in the past, Vanderlande confidently turned to AudioCodes to address their contact center needs. Vanderlande strategically opted for AudioCodes Voca Conversational Interaction Center (CIC) for their CCaaS solution. Voca CIC is a Teams native contact center built in Azure with ready-to-use conversational AI. With a lightweight design, Voca CIC integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone and easily scales to every Teams user across the company, ensuring a unified experience for both customers and employees. Vanderlande’s decision to choose AudioCodes Live and Voca CIC streamlined their Microsoft Teams voice infrastructure and activated advanced contact center capabilities.

The Results

The adoption of the AudioCodes Live managed service upheld the stability and performance of Vanderlande’s Microsoft Teams Phone system and freed up staff to concentrate on core operations, underlying the tangible benefits from previous collaborations with AudioCodes.

Voca CIC stands out with its distinctive blend of contact center and voice expertise, making it an ideal solution for organizations seeking to modernize their customer experience (CX) capabilities with minimal upfront costs, aligning seamlessly with Vanderlande’s commitment to innovation, efficiency and top-level customer service.

Key project benefits:

  • Ensured stability and reliability
  • Unified communications efficiency
  • Optimized contact center operations
  • Enhanced customer experience with AI
  • Flexible Teams voice connectivity 

These benefits collectively contributed to a more robust and efficient communication ecosystem for Vanderlande. Their dedication to improving customer satisfaction and operational excellence is no longer just an objective, it’s a tangible achievement. By using AudioCodes’ solutions, Vanderlande has established a standard for a communication framework that is not only smooth and efficient, but also customer centric.

“Voca CIC, powered by AudioCodes, has transformed our customer service at Vanderlande. Integrating our contact center with Microsoft Teams has not only optimized call flows and reduced agent onboarding time but has also utilized conversational AI for valuable customer insights. This resulted in enhanced customer support and satisfaction, backed by improved uptime and a highly responsive support system.”

Levent Günsüren, Service owner UC, Vanderlande Industries B.V.

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