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Falck Migrate to Genesys Cloud and Streamline Their Voice Infrastructure with AudioCodes

Falck Migrate to Genesys Cloud and Streamline Their Voice Infrastructure with AudioCodes

For companies migrating their contact centers to the cloud, it pays to let the experts take care of the complex voice and telephony infrastructure. In this post, you’ll see how AudioCodes helped Falck solve their real-life voice network and contact center transformation challenges.

The Customer

Falck is a worldwide leader in emergency response and healthcare services. Their expertise lies in delivering vital aid and medical support during crises and urgent situations globally. At the core of Falck’s operations is a commitment to help those in need, making them an indispensable asset in emergency response efforts and advancing healthcare standards.

The Challenge

Falck’s decision to migrate from a Genesys Engage on-premises contact center to Genesys Cloud marked a strategic pivot towards modern, cloud-based solutions. Recognizing the complexity of this transition and their need for reliable and efficient voice infrastructure management, Falck sought a trusted partner with expertise, agility and innovative technology. AudioCodes emerged as the natural choice, renowned for its comprehensive, end-to-end voice solutions and professional global support.

Falck’s aim was to optimize resource use, improve visibility and control, establish a single point of contact (SPOC), expand globally, ensure data compliance, and most importantly, maintain uninterrupted emergency services.

The Solution

To kick off the project, Falck implemented AudioCodes Live Services for Voice Migration to CCaaS including
on-premises resilient hardware session border controllers (SBCs) which ensured a smooth, accelerated migration and seamless connection between the co-existing Genesys on-premises and cloud platforms.

They also deployed AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM), a solution that centralizes and optimizes call routing, ensuring efficient and reliable communication across networks. ARM offered Falck dynamic routing strategies, providing them with the agility and control they needed for their mission-critical operations.

As a final measure, Falck integrated AudioCodes web-based voice network management application, One Voice Operations Center (OVOC), to ensure system health and enhance overall operational efficiency.

These solutions seamlessly connected Falck’s Genesys environment to their VoIP infrastructure, ensuring robustness, scalability and compliance with data regulations.

The Results

For Falck’s CCaaS migration, AudioCodes’ market-leading voice solutions delivered a winning combination of cutting-edge technology and services, bringing a wide range of benefits:


  • Cloud voice innovation to support new CCaaS platform
  • Seamless co-existence of Genesys legacy and cloud platforms
  • Enhanced efficiency in voice infrastructure management
  • Improved visibility and control over operations
  • Facilitated global expansion with scalable solutions
  • Ensured data compliance and security
  • Sustained business continuity of critical emergency services 


“AudioCodes revolutionized our contact center communications, aligning them with contemporary standards and fulfilling our stringent business continuity demands. With a secure and adaptable voice infrastructure, AudioCodes has played a pivotal role in elevating our employee experience and customer experience to unparalleled heights. Their solution not only meets our immediate needs but also unlocks new possibilities for future innovations.”

Henrik Fjordvald, Product Owner at Falck Contact Center Solutions

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