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AudioCodes One Voice AudioCodes One Voice

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    Clouducation Episode #1 - Devices and Endpoints

    By MIKE ERPS January 10, 2017

    In today's fast paced and ever changing world, companies are quite often looking to the latest and..

    The Nightmare of Managing Heterogeneous VoIP Networks in Medium to Large Enterprises

    By YOSSI ZADAH July 18, 2016

    There is an Answer

    Managing heterogeneous VoIP networks in medium to large enterprises can be a..

    Learn How AudioCodes is Helping Deutsche Telekom Migrate its Business Customers to All-IP

    By ITZIK FEIGLEVITCH May 11, 2016

    Last week, AudioCodes and Deutsche Telekom (DT) announced that DT has selected AudioCodes for the..

    Simplified Call Routing for Complex Networks - What makes VoIP level routing hard to manage?

    By YOSSI ZADAH April 4, 2016

    One of the main achievements in the world of data routing over the last two decades is the..

    Back to the Future for Hotel Communications

    By BENNY MATITYAHU March 29, 2016

    Earlier this month I visited the HTNG 2016 North American Conference, where attendees learned about..

    Are You Planning to Kill Your PSTN or Just Waiting for it to Die?

    By ITZIK FEIGLEVITCH March 3, 2016

    We are living in exciting times as more and more fixed line operators have already begun to..

    Super Creativity in Routing Diversity

    By YOSSI ZADAH February 29, 2016

    “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they..

    Here’s Why Virtual Is Not Enough for NFV - The road from SW to NFV

    By AMIR ZMORA February 15, 2016

    Telecommunication products were traditionally based on dedicated HW. A collection of technology..

    Start the Transition to Cloud PBX Today with a Hybrid Hybrid Environment

    By MIKE ERPS January 28, 2016

    One of the biggest challenges today with the vision of transitioning to Microsoft’s recently..

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