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Automate Your Outbound Calling with Voice-Bots

Automate Your Outbound Calling with Voice-Bots

With recent developments in artificial intelligence, speech recognition and generation, and natural language understanding, more and more organizations are turning to conversational AI to give their customers a high level of service whenever they get in touch, while ensuring that costs are kept under control. Conversational AI typically works as a voice-bot in various use cases, such as virtual agent, agent assistant and conversational IVR applications.

Not Just for Making Calls

But did you know that voice-bots also let you perform automated outbound calling tasks as part of your customer service/sales campaigns?

Instead of bombarding customers with text messages, getting your agents to cold call them, or boring them with old-school IVRs, you can just let your bot do the talking. Here are some true-life examples:

  • Reservation and scheduling services
  • Reminders, such as delivery, status etc.
  • Data collection
  • Service renewal
  • Upselling
  • And much more

How We Make It Happen

Building on our vast voice expertise, AudioCodes’ VoiceAI Connect creates a communication hub between any bot framework, any telephony system and any cognitive speech service to support virtually any voice-bot use case. Based on a best-of-breed approach, VoiceAI Connect allows you to pick the best provider for bot frameworks and speech services.

Going one step further, VoiceAI Connect enables your application to create your own fully automated and self-service outbound campaigns with simple REST APIs that enable outbound calls from any bot framework to any telephony channel.

And what happens if your voice-bot encounters an answering machine or a fax machine? No problem! VoiceAI Connect can detect answering machines and leave a message, and if it reaches a fax machine it will simply disconnect.

No matter what your voice-bot use case may be, VoiceAI Connect is an agile solution that is the perfect partner for your voice automation journey. What are you waiting for?

Want to automate your voice journey the easy way?




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