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Video Blog ▶ The Voice-Bot with the Human Touch

Video Blog | The Voice-Bot with the Human Touch

In today’s ultra-competitive digital economy, the most successful brands have always understood that customers demand a very high level of service when they get in touch – or they’ll just go elsewhere. This has led enterprises to look to chatbots and virtual assistants as a way of meeting these expectations, all while keeping their costs down.

Now, businesses dedicated to customer satisfaction have gone one step further by extending text-based chatbot functionality to voice communications, connecting to any telephony channel to allow customers to talk naturally with chatbots for an audio-centric user experience.

Watch this real-life demo video to see how AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect enables chatbots to effortlessly handle incoming calls and seamlessly transfer customers to live agents, along with the relevant metadata, whenever a human touch is called for.

Check out this new application note for more great VoiceAI Connect use cases.

Want to get your voice-bots to give the best customer service out there – and then some?



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