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Stay Ahead of Call Recording Compliance for Genesys Cloud CX

Stay Ahead of Call Recording Compliance with AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live for Genesys Cloud CX

Compliance call recording policies can be a challenge to keep up with. Corporate and federal policies can make it difficult for businesses to manage and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of compliance recording needs.

Local recording policies are country-specific and can prohibit corporations from storing call recordings in a public cloud, adding more complication to the mix. With compliance being an ongoing commitment of time and resources, and with so many calls being recorded around the globe, enterprises must consider where and how these recordings will be stored to meet country statutory or corporate regulations.

The Genesys Cloud CX platform is an excellent example of a cloud-based contact center that offers businesses a complete customer communication solution. But with compliance being a full-time challenge, what is the best way for Genesys Cloud CX customers to monitor their calls for compliance and assurance across all countries with different regulations?

Expand Globally with AudioCodes’ Local Recording Solution

Whether it’s organizational, government or origin specific policies, AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live has you covered. With local on-premises and cloud solutions, SmartTAP 360° Live can enable your Genesys call recording storage to adhere to your specific regulations.

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live offers a flexible and easy to use local Genesys Cloud call recording solution that keeps your enterprise and customer data on the right side of compliance. Data privacy and protection are a core business strategy for enterprises moving to the cloud, and with SmartTAP 360° Live for Genesys Cloud, enterprises can be assured that they are moving towards the future of digital transformation while continuing to follow compliance and regulations requirements.

Why AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live works best with Genesys Cloud CX:

  • Works natively with AudioCodes SBC devices.
  • Stores the recordings either on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Conveniently available in Genesys App Foundry.
  • Offers per country recording storage configuration with a central access application.
  • Offers a deployment platform with secured and global versatile models including either on-premises or cloud models.
  • Secure, scalable and redundant.

With AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live, enterprises are provided a meaningful and actionable software that ensures you’re meeting business requirements while capturing your voice communications securely. It integrates seamlessly to Genesys Cloud CX contact centers using AudioCodes SBCs or gateways to record and index all agent and customer interactions.


Application Note
AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live
Local Compliance Recording for Genesys Cloud CX

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Adhere to Regulations with AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live for Genesys Cloud CX

AudioCodes and Genesys partnered to deliver a cutting-edge local compliance recording solution that allows you to enjoy an intelligent contact center that puts you in control of your compliance demands. Implementing AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live for Genesys is an important step towards safeguarding your business against costs of non-compliance.

In the ‘age of the customer’, where experience is key, businesses must enhance their customer’s journey and leverage trust in their brand. But with fractured compliance processes, customers can be unforgiving, which means businesses must act now to integrate compliance, not only because of regulations, but also to improve their customers’ experiences.


Are you ready to see if AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live for Genesys Cloud CX can help your contact center?


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