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See How One EMS Saves Lives with Advanced AI Technology

Here's How One EMS Saves Lives with Advanced AI Technology

What crosses your mind when you see a Red Cross ambulance crossing an intersection? You’re probably not thinking about the latest innovations in artificial intelligence or machine learning. In fact, it’s fair to say that emergency medical service call centers are usually seen by most people as simply dispatching ambulances to injured people.

However, the reality behind the scenes is completely different. Communication between callers and EMS operators must be clear and concise, since any misunderstandings or miscommunications can have serious consequences, potentially leading to delayed response times or incorrect treatment.

For exactly this reason, most EMS call centers already have advanced command and control systems in place. But how can they ensure an even better standard of care? Let’s take a look at how one national medical emergency service applied the latest advances in AI technology to do just that.

Never Miss a Beat with AI-Based Call Transcription

Israel’s Magen David Adom (MDA) recently teamed up with AudioCodes to implement a unique AI-based real-time call transcription solution in its call center, significantly strengthening agents' ability to quickly understand callers' needs and relay precise information to first responders.

In contrast to traditional call centers where agents rely solely on auditory cues, MDA’s new solution provides agents with both auditory and visual data in real-time through a multi-modal interface.

This cutting-edge functionality enables MDA’s agents to swiftly provide high-quality service to people in distress, despite challenges typical to emergency situations such as background noise, soft-spoken callers and diverse accents.

Harnessing Innovation to Provide Lifesaving Assistance

If that wasn’t enough, the innovative technology powering MDA’s solution has a few more aces up its sleeve that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked:

  • It continuously learns frequently used medical terminology, which helps agents report vital information quickly and easily.
  • It utilizes keyword spotting to recognize critical emergency situations and things like incidents involving multiple casualties.
  • The call transcriptions themselves are used by MDA to obtain important insights and predictions for further improving agent performance.
  • An agent assist bot leverages the call data in real-time to give agents the necessary information to handle emergency calls even more efficiently.

Transforming the World of EMS for Good

The partnership between MDA and AudioCodes has resulted in a transformative upgrade to MDA's emergency call center, greatly enhancing the organization's response capabilities. With the implementation of AudioCodes' market-leading technology, MDA's agents can now better serve the community by providing quicker and more efficient emergency response services.

Through improved case prioritization and rapid dispatch of appropriate emergency services, MDA is now able to offer an even faster response time, driven by more accurate information, with the potential to save more lives and make a tangible difference in the community.

Ultimately, this collaboration is a significant step forward in the field of emergency response services, paving the way for new advances that can transform the way emergency situations are handled.


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