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It’s Here! One Easy Platform for Multi-UCaaS Services

It’s Here! One Easy Platform for Multi-UCaaS Services

The rise of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), which has rapidly accelerated in the past few years, is primarily driven by the growing demand for seamless and effective communication in an increasingly hybrid work environment. By integrating voice, video, content sharing and messaging into a single platform, UC helps organizations to improve collaboration and boost productivity.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions are the next logical step in the the migration of organizations to the cloud. By leveraging these cloud-based platforms, service providers can extend many benefits to their customers that go beyond those traditionally associated with regular UC offerings. These include simplified deployment, easy scalability, resiliency and significant cost reductions in the realm of hardware, infrastructure and IT resources.

Which UC Platform is “Best”?

Service providers looking to go down the UCaaS route need to ask themselves some important questions. Questions like: which UCaaS solution should they specialize in? Should their focus be on Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, Cisco Webex or maybe something else? How can they manage, sell and support so many different systems?

And these questions aren’t just academic, either. Nor are they part of a larger debate about which UC platform is “better” than the others.

Towards a Single UCaaS Solution

The truth is that, in today’s complex technological reality, it’s highly likely that different departments within the same company will actually be using different UC platforms. To give just one example, a sales department might use Zoom for video calls with some customers and then switch to Microsoft Teams for internal corporate communications.

As a result, forward-thinking service providers will want to avoid being dependent on a single UC or contact center vendor, and instead look to promote a complete package that can effortlessly blend all the different UC flavors. Their ultimate goal would be to offer a single SaaS solution that covers a variety of UCaaS platforms, thereby meeting the needs of practically any business, and which is also simple to manage and maintain.

Introducing AudioCodes Live Cloud

For all such services providers, we at AudioCodes have an answer – and it’s called AudioCodes Live Cloud.

AudioCodes Live Cloud is an innovative SaaS solution that enables service providers to easily deliver PSTN and SIP connectivity and rapidly onboard their business customers using advanced automation and management tools. It works equally effectively with Microsoft Teams (via Operator Connect and/or Direct Routing), Zoom Phone (via the Zoom Phone Provider Exchange and/or BYOC) and Cisco Webex, making it possible for service providers to offer their customers a genuine, fully managed multi-UC voice service on a per-user-per-month basis. Customers can even move from one UCaaS to another with their users retaining the same phone number.

In this way, AudioCodes Live Cloud empowers service providers to upgrade their UC offering for both new and existing customers, all without having to invest in dedicated infrastructure or putting expensive IT specialists on the payroll.

Wait…There’s More!

And if all that wasn’t enough, AudioCodes also offers a range of carefully selected DaaS and SaaS add-ons to further enhance productivity, also available on a per-user per-month basis. These include business phones and meeting room solutions, call recording, conversational IVR and meeting productivity tools, and can be added with a click of a mouse.

So no matter which UC solution (or solutions!) your end customers are using, AudioCodes Live Cloud ticks all the right boxes for service providers – and then some. Why not give it a try today?


Service provider? Want to build your own unbeatable multi-UC offering?


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