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Bonjour to AI! France’s CDRT Reveals the Exciting Future of Contact Center CX

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Bonjour to AI! France’s CDRT Reveals the Exciting Future of Contact Center CX

Recently, the Club des Dirigeants Réseaux et Télécoms (CDRT) of France organized an exclusive event at Microsoft’s offices in Paris, focusing on how artificial intelligence (AI) is completely revolutionizing the future of networks, telecommunications and customer relations.

Around 150 CIOs and CTOs from medium and large French companies attended the gathering, called An Afternoon of Reflection on Artificial Intelligence in Our Professions, with the goal of learning more about AI's considerable impact on the French business landscape.

And, as always, the AudioCodes team was right there in the mix.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss some of the essential takeaways from the CDRT event and elaborate on how AI is playing a transformative role in improving customer experience (CX).

Exploring the Impact of AI on CX

The conference included expert panels covering various topics related to AI. One recurring topic of discussion, not surprisingly, was how AI is delivering in spades on its promise to reinvent the whole concept of customer experience (CX) for the better.

Patrice Mattez, an AI expert and Head of Business Development for Voice AI at AudioCodes, shared some interesting thoughts directly from the field during one such panel. In particular, he highlighted how the stunning growth of AI projects and the sheer variety of possible use cases in Europe have transformed customer interactions and radically improved the agent experience in contact centers across the continent.

Unveiling AudioCodes' Conversational AI Leadership

During the event, attendees discovered that AudioCodes, already well known in France for its session border controller (SBC) technology and voice services, also excels in the field of conversational AI. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that AudioCodes has been leading the way in providing voice capabilities to conversational AI, transforming chatbots into advanced voicebots and allowing customers to interact with contact centers naturally, using just their voice.

AI as a Human-Centric Tool

Another key insight obtained from the presentations was the realization that AI extends way beyond cost reduction measures. For AI to have a positive impact on business outcomes, it should enhance both CX and employee experience. Contrary to common misconceptions, AI is more than just a bot, and should really be seen as a powerful tool designed to enhance human-centric experiences.

The Empathetic Power of Voicebots

Voicebots, utilizing AI and natural language processing, have the capacity to understand and engage with customers in an empathetic and human-like manner.

The potential of voicebots lies in their ability to revolutionize customer service by delivering personalized and efficient support. They can guide customers through complex processes, address queries and promptly resolve issues in real-time.

Furthermore, by employing sentiment analysis, voicebots can tailor their responses to meet customers' emotional requirements, fostering more fulfilling and individualized interactions.

Introducing AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect

The AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect solution allows organizations to seamlessly integrate various conversational AI platforms, speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) engines and voice engagement channels. With flexible orchestration capabilities, it provides cutting-edge automated voice solutions that can be customized to meet your specific customer experience (CX) needs in a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Directing calls to the appropriate destination, enhancing first call resolution metrics.
  • Acting as helpful assistants to customers and agents, often resolving self-service inquiries related to tasks like appointment scheduling and account opening.
  • Enabling live agents to have more effective conversations with customers, resulting in enhanced customer service and reduced average call handling time.

VoiceAI Connect is available as a fully managed service (Enterprise edition) or as a self-service Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution (AudioCodes Live Hub) to support any deployment, integration or regulatory requirements.


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