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AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live: Now Transactable on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live: Now Transactable on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store that contains thousands of IT software applications and services built by industry-leading technology companies. It’s one of the best ways to add applications and services to your existing Azure cloud solution and makes it easy to onboard and adopt new solutions. 

AudioCodes is glad to announce that customers can now purchase and transact SmartTAP 360° Live’s service for interaction and call recording via an Azure Marketplace private offer.

Azure Marketplace Private Offer

Private offers in the Azure Marketplace allow you to purchase SaaS products and services directly from a publisher, without making the products publicly transactable in the Marketplace. This can be useful for purchasing newly innovated products, negotiating custom license or support agreements, and purchasing products in bulk.

Considering purchasing SmartTAP 360° Live for your business?

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live for Microsoft Teams is an intelligent, cloud-based, Microsoft-certified enterprise recording solution for all voice, video, desktop sharing and instant messaging (IM) interactions. Designed for maximum deployment flexibility and scalability, SmartTAP 360° Live makes it easy for companies to capture and index all types of internal and customer communications automatically and effortlessly.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing SmartTAP 360° Live from the Azure Marketplace:

  • Billing and licensing: Track and manage your SmartTAP 360° Live usage and costs through the Azure portal and enjoy flexible licensing options to best fit your needs.
  • Utilize Azure Marketplace credits: Can be used to purchase products in the Marketplace.
  • Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC) eligible: Use your MACC to meet your required spend by purchasing SmartTAP 360° Live through the Marketplace.
  • Pre-vetted by Microsoft: When you purchase SmartTAP 360° Live from the Marketplace, you can trust that is has been pre-vetted by Microsoft and will integrate seamlessly with Azure.
  • Convenient and easy deployment: Deploy SmartTAP 360° Live seamlessly where AudioCodes professionals handle every step.
  • Easy to purchase: Get SmartTAP 360° Live without starting a new procurement process and enjoy continuous support from AudioCodes.

Billing, Licensing and Private Offering

Purchasing SmartTAP 360° Live solution through the Azure Marketplace makes it easy to stay on top of your budget and only pay for what you need. Additionally, the Marketplace offers simplified billing with Azure Marketplace credits and flexible licensing options through private offerings, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for your business. AudioCodes customers can also take advantage of the ease of use and existing cloud “spend” to purchase SmartTAP 360° Live.

Find out more about SmartTAP 360° Live.


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