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AudioCodes’ Insights from Customer Contact Week 2023 and Genesys Xperience 2023

Measuring the Pulse of the Contact Center Heartbeat: AudioCodes’ Insights from Customer Contact Week 2023 and Genesys Xperience 2023

Discover the latest insights and trends in the contact center industry as AudioCodes’ contact center expert team shares their observations from the renowned events, Customer Contact Week 2023 and Genesys Xperience 2023. 

AudioCodes’ contact center expert team had a strong presence at two major global events last week, Customer Contact Week 2023 in Las Vegas and Genesys Xperience 2023 in Colorado. These events provided a platform for industry professionals to come together, exchange knowledge and showcase the latest innovations and trends in customer engagement and contact center technologies.

At both conferences, our team witnessed a remarkable turnout, with a vibrant and diverse audience eager to explore the latest developments in the contact center industry.

We had the pleasure of connecting not only with professionals from enterprise organizations, but also with our esteemed service and solution partners. Our interactions spanned a wide range of collaborators, including consultants, system integrators (SIs), bot developers, speech-to-text providers, telecom management partners and service providers.

Let’s take a look at some of the recurring themes and trends that our team picked up on at the two events.

Embracing the AI Revolution

The spotlight shone brightly on AI and ChatGPT, captivating experts across the industry who explored the impact of AI solutions on contact centers. The exhibition floors were abuzz with discussions surrounding cutting-edge technologies such as Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) and Agent Assist.

However, amidst the excitement, a pertinent question emerged: which of these AI solutions truly deliver tangible value to contact centers?

Voice Rediscovered

As AI and ChatGPT technologies advance, there is a renewed recognition of the importance of voice-based interactions. 

“Contact center leaders are increasingly acknowledging the significance of voice as a primary channel for engaging customers. This trend is particularly noticeable when customers prioritize voice interactions for intricate or time-sensitive inquiries,” said Peter Broeckx, Contact Center Sales Director, EMEA at AudioCodes.  

AudioCodes Takes Center Stage

AudioCodes stands out for its exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate with both legacy and contact center as a service (CCaaS) platforms and a wide range of voice, bot and speech services. At both events our contact center solutions resonated with partners and customers alike.

VoiceAI Connect

AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect made a remarkable impact at the conferences, attracting significant attention and generating numerous inquiries from both customers and partners. The innovative features and capabilities of VoiceAI Connect, and its ability to deliver voice-based interaction automation, captured the interest of attendees who recognized its potential to enhance their customer experience and drive operational efficiencies.

WebRTC Click-to-Call

AudioCodes WebRTC Click-to-Call emerged as a standout choice due to its compelling value proposition, which encompasses cost savings, elevated customer engagement and voice recovery capabilities. WebRTC Click-to-Call’s benefits resonated with potential customers, aligning with the ongoing industry discussions surrounding cost reductions, improving customer experiences (CX) and personalizing engagements.

Voca Conversational Interaction Center

The AudioCodes team actively engaged in dialogue regarding Voca, AudioCodes’ conversational AI contact center for Microsoft Teams. Our team was able to offer new insights and identify opportunities to maximize the impact of Voca in enhancing communication and collaboration experiences for customers.

Empowering Secure Cloud Migration and Enhanced CX

Throughout the events, numerous discussions revolved around the various strategies for successful and secure migration of customer’s on-premises voice infrastructure to the cloud.

Customers seeking guidance on cloud migration while maintaining their on-premises platforms and building new CCaaS capabilities turned to AudioCodes for expert advice. With our experience in managing the coexistence of multiple contact center platforms during a gradual migration to CCaaS, we can address the complexities involved, ensuring a seamless transition.

In addition, discussions revolved around enhancing the cloud for those who have already migrated, focusing on leveraging the best-of-breed voice applications and AI solutions. The topic of AI garnered significant attention, with in-depth conversations exploring its optimal utilization and its transformative impact on the market.

Given the necessity of contact centers for many organizations, disaster recovery and survivability also emerged as hot topics. AudioCodes’ commitment to business continuity and survivability guarantees uninterrupted voice calls and call routing to agents, even in the event of CCaaS disruptions.

AudioCodes’ active participation in Customer Contact Week 2023 and Genesys Xperience 2023 provided invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of contact centers.

“The continued interest in voice-based contact center interactions reinforces AudioCodes’ position as a trusted voice partner in elevating contact centers to the next generation,” added Broeckx.


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