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You’ve Got New Meeting Insights

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A few years ago, when I was even younger than I am today, it seemed like a good idea to combine Psychology and Computer Science as a double major. Several weeks into the academic year, I found myself juggling Freud’s Psychoanalysis theories, C++ programming (yes, it was quite a while ago) and a part time job to make a living throughout it all. Participating in every course was simply not an option. So I resorted to referring to my friend’s vivid, colorful summaries. Her knack for capturing the key insights from every class essentially got me through school. I often wish I could reach out to my long-time friend to help me through my hectic schedule!

From a Beautiful Friendship to a Life-long Partnership

Interestingly, my tight schedule has remained busy as ever. My days are packed with overlapping meetings. I’ve come to learn that the tacit expectation of 100% physical presence in each and every meeting is simply unrealistic. And yet, we all work around the constraints of pesky reality to get the job done. The challenge is quite simple. How can we make the most of technology to do the same job more efficiently?

If only I could access the same caliber of comprehensive summaries my friend had been so kind to share with me back in school. Not only could I compensate for missed meetings, I’d also enhance my ability to monitor, manage and learn well-past any single meeting’s designated duration.

Fortunately, I was smart enough to keep in very close touch with my friend. Unfortunately, 30 years of marriage mean she can’t be bothered to write a grocery list for me, let alone help me out with a meeting summary. Would you believe she even sends me the shopping list over a voice message?

The Value of Meetings in the Age of AI and Big Data

According to Harvard Business Review a six person meeting lasting 60 minutes can cost up to $440 USD. I’m hardly alone in the struggle to tame the onslaught of meeting madness. Executives across sectors are challenged to manage that nonrenewable resource of time as we all juggle multiple “urgent” meetings or even last minute discussions. If you’re not making the most of meetings, you’re losing time, money, and key insights.

Thankfully, we have the technology to transform meetings from a cost center to a generator of insights.

Say Hello to Meeting Insights

At AudioCodes, we’ve always believed meetings represent a largely untapped asset – until today!  The new Meeting Insights offering is designed to deliver easy access to this untapped resource efficiently.  

Designed as a digital-first enterprise productivity suite, Meeting Insights leverages AudioCodes’ vast voice expertise and state-of-the-art Voice.AI technology, to enable organizations to turn team collaboration into continuous productivity. From training sessions, to sales and recruitment calls, Meeting Insights captures, shares and organizes multiple types of rich media content created for and generated during every meeting. Information that would otherwise end up lost as soon as the meeting concludes, can now become a practical resource and fodder for big data insights over time.

If you’re like me, and you missed a meeting, you can easily review the key points and action items discussed to get up to speed – regardless of your physical location. Together with next generation Voice.AI features such as Speech-to-Text (STT), keyword spotting, visual content navigation and automated content tagging, Meeting Insights delivers a whole new level of real-time, continuous productivity.

I look forward to the days when I can stay productive thanks to the most professional, vivid and colorful meeting summaries I used to be so lucky to enjoy back in school.

And just maybe, I’ll also figure out a way to get that text shopping list I so desperately need to keep my best friend and life partner happy!

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