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Video Blog ▶ Your Key to Making Meetings Productive Again

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Video Blog | Your Key to Making Meetings Productive Again

You know exactly how crucial meetings are for making things happen for your enterprise in today’s dynamic and globalized economy. After all, this is where voices are heard, information is shared, and business-changing decisions are made.

The Reality of Information Overload

But here’s something else you’re almost certainly very familiar with. That sinking realization, when the meeting’s over, that a huge amount of valuable information – such as thoughts, ideas, shared content and background material – has seemingly vanished into thin air. Buried deep in all the talk, the only thing you remember is a mishmash of incoherent action items and apparently random due dates.

Even worse, some of your colleagues – many of whom might have had something vital to contribute – can’t always make it to meetings and find themselves totally left out of the information loop. This unfortunate reality means that precious knowledge, time and money are wasted.

And the real kicker – great ideas (and potential profits) are lost forever.

Say Hello to Meeting Insights

What if there was a way to take back control of your company’s meetings and make them productive again? Well, now there is.

Packed with state-of-the-art voice AI technologies, AudioCodes Meeting Insights is an exciting and innovative solution that brings you seamless meeting transcription with automatic speaker identification – and much more.

Now you can record any meeting, presentation or webinar via Microsoft Teams, regardless of whether the attendees are physically in the room or are instead participating remotely. During the meeting itself, Mia, a unique in-meeting voice assistant, lets you take notes, define action items and mark important moments – either by text or with built-in AudioCodes voice AI technology.

Then, once the meeting’s done and dusted, you can share the recording with whoever needs it – with just a single click. And if you need a quick recap of the main points right after the meeting, we’ve got that covered too.

With AudioCodes Meeting Insights, meetings can once again become the place for getting things done. Check out this video clip to learn more.



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