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Video Blog ▶ How Digital Click-to-Call Technology Can Transform the Banking Experience

Video Blog ▶ How Digital Click-to-Call Technology Can Transform the Banking Experience

Digital click-to-call technology is a feature that allows customers to make a voice call to a contact center agent simply by clicking on a button on a website or an app, without having to dial a phone number or leave the digital channel. It is a straightforward and convenient way for customers to connect with a bank, especially when they need assistance or guidance on a complex or sensitive issue, and is particularly useful for those with language, technology or accessibility challenges.

Why Use Digital Click-to-Call Technology for Banking?

Digital click-to-call technology offers many advantages for banks and customers, such as: 

  • Cost Savings
    Digital click-to-call is a toll-free replacement that delivers very large annual telecom savings to your organization, while saving your customers from having to splash out on roaming and long-distance charges. They can reach your bank from anywhere in the world with just a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

  • Reduced Average Handling Time
    Digital click-to-call saves your customers time and hassle by eliminating the need for them to undergo authentication with a customer service agent, which can often amount to several minutes per call. The agent receives a call from an already authenticated customer and can access customer information and context instantly to enable them to provide a personalized and efficient service.

  • Quick wins with quick ROI
    Digital click-to-call technology is easy to implement and provides immediate benefits for banks and customers. It can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and can also generate significant sales, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

  • Enhanced Security
    Digital click-to-call is a secure and field-proven technology that protects your customers’ personal and financial information. They can rest assured that their conversation with the agent is encrypted and confidential.

What Are Some Additional Features of Click-to-Call Technology?

Some implementations of click-to-call technology also support co-browsing and video capabilities, which can enhance the banking experience even further. Co-browsing allows the agent to see the customer’s screen and guide him or her through the website, app or bank documentation, while video enables face-to-face communication and verification. These features can help banks to resolve customer issues faster, build trust and rapport with the agent and offer a more human and interactive service.

Not All Digital Click-to-Call Technology Is Created Equal

AudioCodes Click-to-Call is a hassle-free and easy-to-deploy managed solution that provides a seamless customer experience from start to finish. It leverages secure WebRTC technology to deliver a rich, high-quality audio and/or video calling experience via VoIP for customers and agents alike.

There’s no complicated equipment to install and integrating AudioCodes Click-to-Call into the enterprise’s website is a piece of cake thanks to a simple, low-code approach based on an open SDK.

Check out the clip at the top of this page to see exactly why digital click-to-call technology is transforming modern banking.


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