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Video Blog ▶ Compliance Recording in the Digital Age

Video Blog | Compliance Recording in the Digital Age

It's certainly true that the rapid rise of the remote working phenomenon has resulted in more and more business interactions taking place digitally. At the same time, regulatory regimes remain stringent and enterprises must ensure compliance at all times to avoid being hit with heavy legal and financial penalties.

But how can they best do this?

In this video, Guy Yaffe, VP Recording Business Line at AudioCodes, meets Mike Ammerlaan, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

Watch it to find out how AudioCodes’ SmartTAP 360° Live – an intelligent, fully secured enterprise compliance recording solution for all voice, video and IM interactions – integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to keep organizations just like yours on the right side of the law.


Get this SmartTAP 360° Live application note for the inside story on complying with the latest industry standards.


Want full spectrum capturing of ALL your company’s interactions for
security and peace of mind?




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