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Video Blog ▶ Can I Integrate a Contact Center App with Microsoft Teams?

Video Blog ▶ Can I Integrate a Contact Center App with Microsoft Teams?

In our ultra-competitive and globalized economy, smart businesses understand that today, more than ever, they need to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience to their callers to stay ahead of the field. In fact, the old adage ‘the customer is king’ has never been more apt.

At the same time, the incredible growth of unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams – now with some 270 million monthly active users – really plays into this strong emphasis on customer service, especially since Teams is also an ideal platform for CCaaS integration.

Prioritizing Your Customers’ Voice

The influence of social media and online connectivity has played a major role in the rise of omnichannel customer service.

However, the vast majority of customers still prefer to contact businesses by making a simple phone call. A 2021 report by research firm Metrigy, CX Technology Trends, found that 85 percent of customers choose to communicate with contact centers using voice.

So how can you provide superior service to callers who want to connect with your contact center via the phone without having to add more agents to your desk?

Voca – The One-App Contact Center Experience

The Voca Conversational Interaction Center for Microsoft Teams combines a conversational IVR, call queuing and other contact center capabilities and connects them seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

The native app, available on the Teams store, boasts a modern agent desktop with rich call controls, CRM information, availability, wrap-up and easily accessible statistics.

To ensure the customer experience remains front and center at all times, it is packed with built-in analytics capabilities comprising real-time dashboards and historical reports for agent activities, queue statistics and IVR performance.

When it comes to deployment, Voca’s powerful automation capabilities enable easy, no-code configuration of self-service IVR flows that combine built-in conversational AI with CRM and database dips, together with smart routing to queues, agents, departments and company contacts.

With Voca, you can:

  • Leverage the most integrated Microsoft Teams contact center model – the Power Model
  • Connect formal agents and informal agents under the same service workflow
  • Intuitively design self-service IVR flows for an instant automated service experience
  • Deploy through the cloud or on-prem

But best of all, with Voca you can be up and running in just three days while paying at least 30 percent less than you would with other contact center SaaS providers.

If you liked what you saw, you can try Voca for free for 30 days by going to the Microsoft Teams App Store or via your browser and signing up for a free trial.

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