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Video Blog ▶ A Conversational IVR That Keeps Your Callers Delighted

Video Blog | A Conversational IVR That Keeps Your Callers Delighted

As our interconnected global economy rapidly adapts to the ‘new normal’, the forward march of digital transformation continues to gather speed. However, in spite of this stunning growth in advanced technology, most customers still prefer to contact businesses by making a simple phone call.

Today, more than ever, with the ever-increasing levels of call loads on companies’ main lines, a solution that keeps callers happy, allowing customers to talk from start finish – while avoiding long wait times or tedious phone menus – becomes a priority.

But how, in this new reality, can you stack the customer service odds firmly in your favor – all while maintaining speed and agility? Meet AudioCodes Voca!

Your Secret Key to Delighted Customers

Built from the best of AudioCodes’ advanced Voice Recognition technology – and jam packed with a whole host of smart, unique IVR features – Voca is a flexible, off-the-shelf solution that delivers a delightful calling experience right from the off.

With the achievement of superior levels of customer satisfaction as its ultimate goal, Voca learns your unique organizational terminology – like contact names, departments, product names, services and branches – to let your callers navigate smoothly through any phone menu simply by talking. No more tapping away on the phone keypad or waiting ages for an operator.


Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy

If all this talk of advanced technology sounds a bit too much, don’t be alarmed.

Voca’s intuitive and easy-to-use self-serve interface and super-detailed calling analytics keep everything flowing along nicely, all with the minimum of effort.

And thanks to the solution’s built-in telephony integration, you can go from zero-to-service in just a few days. Voca can connect to any telephony environment, whether analog, IP or unified communications, such as Microsoft Teams.

We’re Talking Your Language

AudioCodes Voca is the game-changing call automation solution that today’s enterprises – like yours – have been waiting for, putting your customers in the driving seat from start to finish.

Voca makes each calling experience memorable for all the right reasons, thanks to its mastery of the most timeless form of communication out there – the human voice.

Want to delight your callers again – FAST?




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