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The Microsoft Partners’ Path to Microsoft Teams Voice Connectivity Success

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The Microsoft Partners’ Path to Microsoft Teams Voice Connectivity Success

As the community of Microsoft Teams Phone customers continues to grow, many Microsoft partners are quite rightly taking advantage of the technology’s popularity to expand the range of services that they offer. At the same time, however, partners that don’t have telephony expertise might occasionally feel left out of the party.

Such partners are already helping customers to adopt Microsoft products like Office 365, Microsoft Teams and security solutions, but find themselves unable to compete in the market when it comes to Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity.

The big question for partners, therefore, is actually a simple one. How can they best leverage the undoubted success of Microsoft Teams voice calling to maintain their existing customer base and further expand their business?

The short answer is that partners really need a simple and straightforward Direct Routing onboarding platform with effective customer and user management, available as a service, if they want to play in the same league as service providers.

Take the SaaS Route with AudioCodes Live Platform

AudioCodes Live Platform is a Direct Routing as a service platform that makes it easy for partners to share the benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone with as many of their customers as possible, allowing them to give added value beyond PSTN connectivity.

This white-label SaaS solution is the perfect way for partners to get into the Microsoft Teams voice calling game – and stay there. Live Platform helps partners deliver and resell Microsoft Direct Routing by enabling them to rapidly onboard and manage business customers of any size on a straightforward and transparent per-user per-month subscription basis.

But Live Platform goes much further than streamlined onboarding and connectivity. Here are just some of the other unbeatable features that partners can look forward to:

  • A multi-tenant management portal for partners and their channels.
  • A user management portal for setting user profiles, numbers allocation and corporate calling policies.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools for real-time insights into the customer’s operations.
  • Improved service and higher availability.

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Connecting Microsoft Teams to Voice
Unravelling the Technical Complexity for Partners

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Boost Productivity Even Further with Devices, Meeting Room Solutions and Applications

AudioCodes Live Platform not only enables partners to offer a private label, Direct Routing solution as a service to their customers. It also includes a carefully selected range of productivity-boosting devices and meeting room solutions available as a service on a per-month payment basis, as well as applications for things like interactions recording and meeting productivity.

This results in a full end-to-end voice calling solution that can be individually tailored to fit organizations of any size, putting hard-working employees firmly in the driving seat.

For partners that already offer Direct Routing services and want to expand their portfolio of Microsoft Teams voice calling PSTN connectivity options, or those that are trying to break into the field for the first time, AudioCodes Live Platform is the quickest, most seamless and cost-effective way to do it.

So if you’re a Microsoft partner keen to keep up with constantly shifting market trends and stay relevant in an ever-changing world, AudioCodes Live Platform (quite literally) has your name on it. What are you waiting for?


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