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AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live Tackles Financial Institution’s Compliance Challenges with DATAGROUP

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live Tackles Financial Institution’s Compliance Challenges with DATAGROUP

In today’s stringent regulatory landscape, financial institutions must navigate complex compliance requirements while embracing technological advancements. Recently, AudioCodes sat down with Khan Tinmazlar and Jörg Kohnke, the driving forces behind Microsoft Cloud services at DATAGROUP, a leading German-based IT service provider and AudioCodes partner.

Within DATAGROUP’s impressive clientele is a major German financial institution, where adherence to rigorous regulatory requirements standards is paramount. Recognizing the essential role of technology in meeting these compliance demands, this financial institution began a transformative journey.

“Banks and financial institutions operate in a highly regulated environment,” notes Tinmazlar. “When our customer expressed dissatisfaction with their previous compliance recording vendor, we saw an opportunity to drive positive change.”

Recognizing the Need for Change

Indeed, the financial institution required a new direction, a shift from Cisco to Microsoft Teams, with the added functionality of Teams Phone, in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic. DATAGROUP rose to the occasion, with Khan Tinmazlar recommending AudioCodes’ SmartTAP 360° Live compliance recording solution as the foundation for their call recording infrastructure.

“The challenges were undeniable,” reflects Kohnke. “However, amid regulatory complexities, cost optimization and technological progress remained at the forefront of our customer’s connectivity plans.”

Embracing Transformation

With DATAGROUP’s expertise and AudioCodes’ support, the transition to SmartTAP 360° Live within the financial institution’s Microsoft Teams platform began. Seamless integration and meticulous design characterized the implementation phase. Kohnke explains, “One of the key requirements was Azure integration. Utilizing DATAGROUP’s Azure environment, we ensured a cloud-first strategy that aligned with our customer’s vision.”

The partnership between DATAGROUP and AudioCodes encompassed both pre-sales consultancy and
post-sales technical support, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration.

“AudioCodes stable hardware and software solutions have proven instrumental in delivering reliable communication systems to our customers. Their easy-to-administer platform ensures seamless integration and simplifies management, empowering us to provide efficient and effective solutions tailored to our customers’ needs,” said Tinmazlar.

Implementation in Action

DATAGROUP seamlessly integrated Teams voice for the bank by leveraging AudioCodes voice connectivity solutions and IP phones. Today, SmartTAP 360° Live, a cutting-edge solution, proudly stands within the financial institution’s infrastructure, delivering unapparelled functionality and integration with Teams, all powered by Azure.

The change is palpable, with a once fragmented landscape now consolidated under one roof, a true testament to the collaborative efforts of DATAGROUP and AudioCodes, showcasing their commitment to delivering robust and comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Introducing AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live for Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one compliance recording solution for Microsoft unified communications deployments that enables the capturing and indexing of customer and any other business interaction. This innovative solution offers a comprehensive array of features designed to streamline compliance recording processes and enhance communication management.

In addition to capturing and indexing customer and business interactions, SmartTAP 360° Live offers advanced capabilities such as real-time monitoring, customizable retention policies and secure encryption protocols. Its intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams make it easy for companies to deploy and manage compliance recording across their organization.

Designed for maximum deployment flexibility and scalability, SmartTAP 360° Live makes it easy for companies to record and store all types of internal and customer communications. Whether it’s voice calls, video conferences or instant messages, SmartTAP 360° Live ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while providing valuable insights into communication trends and patterns.

Redefining Compliance

In the world of financial compliance, innovation is a crucial step for safeguarding businesses. Through collaboration and dedication, DATAGROUP and AudioCodes redefine what it means to thrive in a regulated environment.

Reflecting on the partnership, DATAGROUP said, “Working with AudioCodes has been a testament to their expertise and commitment to delivering high-impact solutions.”

As DATAGROUP’s journey with the financial institution continues, one thing remains clear – the future of compliance has never looked brighter.


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