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Product Notice #0361: GA Release of AudioCodes User Management Pack™ 365 Software Version 7.8.100


At AudioCodes, our fingers are always firmly on the pulse of innovation. As a key component of our commitment to our partners and customers, we aim to deliver the latest technology features and capabilities to ensure the best possible user experience at all times.

We recently announced, with the publication of Product Notice #0359, the General Availability (GA) release of Software Version 7.8.100 for the AudioCodes User Management Pack™ 365 application. This release includes:

  • Installation from Azure Marketplace.
    Improves deployment flexibility and simplifies the installation process.

  • User interface for online voice routing and PSTN usage management.
    Allows easy setup of Office 365 environment, simplifies operations procedures and reduces tenant configuration costs. Removes the need for Microsoft experts or PowerShell ninjas.

  • Audit and roll back historical changes.
    .Enhanced operations integrity and carrier-class operational services

  • Administrator privilege flexibility.
    Enhanced operations flexibility and security.

  • User migration to Microsoft Teams.
    Guarantees smooth migration process, brings simplicity to lifecycle management and eliminates the need for Microsoft experts or PowerShell ninjas.

  • Enhanced corporate DID management.
    Enables flexible operation configuration and effortless user assignment configuration.

  • Enhanced search function in user list.
    Facilitate very fast searches.

  • OVOC support.
    Provides clear visual indications for the easy monitoring and management of UMP365 and users.

  • Device Manager Express integration.
    Simplifies operations procedures, enables one-touch deployments and provides enhanced troubleshooting and rapid recovery.

  • Revoke user certificate ability.
    Enhanced user authentication security.

  • On-premises UI enhancement (GroupingID).
    Ability to add a Skype client address book search filter for an improved user experience.

  • Set user pin.
    Flexible operations configuration and enhanced security.

User Management Pack™ 365 is a powerful software application that simplifies user lifecycle and identity management across Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business deployments. It empowers IT professionals by facilitating a gradual and fully controlled migration to Cloud PBX from any current Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business deployment. 

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