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Product Notice #0359: One Voice Operations Center Now Available from Microsoft Azure Marketplace


The AudioCodes ethos is to place our valued customers squarely at the forefront of our development efforts. In practice, this means that we always endeavor to deliver the newest and best technology features and functionality to ensure a superior user experience.

We also keep track of the most innovative ways to deliver our products to you while making them as easy to use as possible. For this reason, it was natural that Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace caught our eye.

Now, with the publication of Product Notice #0359, we are proud to announce that the latest release of the One Voice Operation Center (OVOC) network management application is now available in the Azure Marketplace.


OVOC combines management of voice network devices and quality of experience monitoring into a single, intuitive web-based application. It enables administrators to adopt a holistic approach to network lifecycle management by simplifying everyday tasks and assisting in troubleshooting all the way from detection to correction.

This announcement means that customers can now download the OVOC application and run it free of charge for four months. If any customers require a longer trial period, or want to run OVOC in full operational mode, they can get in touch with us to purchase a license key.

This new OVOC release brings some unique functionality to the market:

  • Azure Marketplace support. Hosted service providers can take advantage of OVOC’s multi-tenancy support to run and give services to multiple end customers. In addition, hosted service providers can provide full service transparency to end customers by allowing them to see their call details.

  • Performance Measurements. Performance measurements (PM) are now available in OVOC and can be exported by system users to CSV files for analysis on external analytic systems. In addition, system users can create PM thresholds and receive alarm notifications if any of the PM thresholds have been crossed.

  • Dashboard. A new state-of-the-art dashboard has been added to OVOC to allow system users to see an aggregated view of all the applications, network elements and devices in their entire VoIP network.

  • Jabra devices support. By adding support for Jabra devices, system users can monitor, provision and configure all their Jabra devices from one centralized place in the OVOC application, eliminating the need for running a separate application for this purpose.

Want to know more about OVOC in Azure Marketplace ? Click here



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