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Kaplan Modernize Their Voice Network and Genesys Contact Center with AudioCodes

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Kaplan Modernize Their Voice Network and Genesys Contact Center with AudioCodes

At AudioCodes, we believe that our advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions represent the best quality and value for money in today’s market. But sometimes, it’s best to let our products themselves do the talking. In this post, you’ll see how we helped Kaplan solve their real-life voice network and contact center modernization challenges.

The Customer

Kaplan North America is one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers. Throughout its 75-year plus history, it has been a pioneer in expanding educational access and is an acknowledged leader in instructional innovation. Kaplan has a long and successful track record of working with AudioCodes.

The Challenge

Over time, Kaplan’s corporate voice network had become highly distributed and diverse, consisting of about 90 different PBX and unified communications platforms from different vendors, with around 10,000 users. There was also a Genesys contact center with 1,300 agents that served the entire organization.

Kaplan needed a way to consolidate their disparate communications architecture to simplify management and operations and reduce operational and support costs. Kaplan’s overall aim was to centralize their phone systems, including the internal enterprise platforms and the Genesys Engage contact center.

The Solution

Kaplan kicked off the project by using the AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) management platform to analyze their voice traffic and calculate the actual usage, allowing them to accurately determine their requirements in terms of SIP trunk connections to service providers.

They then deployed an AudioCodes high-capacity session border controller (SBC) to act as a communication hub, routing calls efficiently and reliably between all the internal systems and external networks. OVOC remained very much in play, monitoring the voice network on a daily basis for issues such as voice quality and connectivity and providing invaluable data for troubleshooting.

As a cost-saving measure, Kaplan also decided to deploy AudioCodes Genesys-certified WebRTC softphones for all new agents working in their contact center. This solution is supported natively in the users’ web browser, meaning that agents can work from anywhere without needing additional equipment or dedicated software to be installed.


The Results

For Kaplan’s voice modernization project, AudioCodes’ market-leading solutions represented a winning combination of technology and services, bringing a wide range of benefits:

  • CX innovation for a legacy contact center
  • Streamlined voice infrastructure
  • Simplified management and troubleshooting
  • Cost reductions in equipment and operations
  • Improved reliability and reduced troubleshooting times
  • Peace of mind thanks to working with a trusted, long-term partner


“We were stuck on a platform that was decades old; there was no innovation, and we couldn’t move forward in our environment with those systems. AudioCodes has made that possible and it’s made my job much easier.”

Bill Boga, Executive Director Communications Platform Engineering, Kaplan

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