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How to Ditch Your Old Phone System and Migrate to Microsoft Teams Voice Calling

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How to Ditch Your Old Phone System and Migrate to Microsoft Teams Voice Calling

Microsoft Teams has become the world's leading unified communications and enterprise voice calling platform, with over 320 million1 active users and 17 million2 Microsoft Teams Phone users. Clearly, many organizations that initially adopted Teams for messaging and meetings are now realizing the benefits of Teams Phone as a powerful PBX replacement that integrates chat, video conferencing, file sharing and applications in a single platform.

But how can you ensure a smooth and successful migration to Teams Phone? What are the best practices and strategies to follow? What are the challenges and pitfalls to avoid? And how can you leverage the expertise and solutions of a trusted partner to simplify the process and optimize the results?

The AudioCodes Answer to Metrigy's Roadmap for Microsoft Teams Phone Success

A recent white paper from research firm Metrigy provides a clear and compelling roadmap for IT leaders who want to migrate to Teams Phone. Based on a global study of almost 1,500 companies, the paper found that Teams Phone is the most widely adopted cloud-based calling service today and goes on to identify the key elements required for a successful migration.

As a follow-up, AudioCodes experts created a companion white paper called Navigating a Smooth Migration to Microsoft Teams Voice. It directly addresses all Metrigy’s findings in a clear and concise way and gives field-proven tips for transforming your voice communications strategy and achieving a smooth migration to Microsoft Teams Phone.


White Paper
Navigating a Smooth Migration to
Microsoft Teams Voice

Get instant access to the white paper to find out how to achieve a smooth migration to
Microsoft Teams Phone.



Get It Done with AudioCodes Live

At the heart of our recommendations is AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams, a voice-as-a-service solution that simplifies the integration of Microsoft Teams collaboration, UC and enterprise telephony. It also aligns perfectly with Metrigy's analysis and offers a comprehensive solution for migrating to Teams Phone, covering all aspects of their roadmap.

With AudioCodes Live, you can benefit from:

  • A rapid and cost-effective migration to Teams Phone, facilitated by a team of seasoned experts who manage every aspect of the solution, from deployment planning to hardware installation and day-to-day management.
  • A flexible and scalable solution that supports different PSTN connectivity options, including Direct Routing and Operator Connect, as well as integration with legacy voice platforms and contact centers.
  • A powerful device management system that allows you to remotely manage and monitor business phones and meeting room devices from a central location, reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • A dedicated management tool that provides end-to-end visibility and control over your voice and video network, as well as user and policy management, eliminating the need for PowerShell expertise or outsourcing.
  • A subscription-based service that includes network and device monitoring, as well as other service-enhancing applications, available through a global network of telecom resellers, service providers and Microsoft 365 partners.

Welcome to Your Unified Communications Future

By following Metrigy's roadmap and choosing AudioCodes Live as your voice calling solution, you can ensure a smooth and successful migration to Teams Phone. As you chart your course towards Microsoft Teams Phone, we’ll help you simplify your journey. Are you ready to hit the road?

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2 UC Today: Microsoft Reveals Teams Premium and Phone PSTN Usage Figures


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