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Going Green and Staying Connected with AudioCodes

Going Green and Staying Connected with AudioCodes

At AudioCodes, we’re continuously invested in improving the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycles, from product development to manufacturing, use-to-service and to end-of-life. 

As a CEO or IT manager, you’re constantly searching for new ways to improve your company’s performance while making a positive impact on the environment. AudioCodes can help you achieve both goals by providing sustainable solutions that transform your everyday business operations.

Here are just a few ways AudioCodes can help you adopt green practices:

Move to the cloud with ease.

Make your green mark by leaving expensive communication hardware in the past. Migrating to the cloud means you can reduce on-premises equipment which typically requires a dedicated IT team to monitor and maintain its infrastructure. Read more.

Embrace conversational AI.

AudioCodes’ intelligent conversational AI interface allows contact centers to minimize repetitive tasks, decrease workload and provide personalized customer experiences. Using chatbots in a traditional customer service setting reduces commute impact and hiring. With conversational AI, companies can reduce the number of valuable resources required for searching for, hiring and training potential customer service agents. Read more.

Hybrid work.

Hybrid work offers businesses, employees and the environment countless benefits. Working from home significantly reduces the number of vehicles on the roads every day, the amount of waste produced in-office and reducing resources, such as energy and water consumption. Needless to say, hybrid work is the ultimate sustainable way of working. Read more.

Benefit from our managed services.

With over 30 years of experience in communications, AudioCodes’ managed services offer the best way to utilize our expertise and optimize your resources, as well as manage your infrastructure. This helps to decrease energy consumption and waste while also streamlining your operations. AudioCodes’ energy-efficient data centers help to reduce our carbon footprint, increase agility and flexibility and improve disaster recovery Read more.

Simplify your IT management.

Our award-winning UC and voice network management solution allows for remote monitoring and management from a single pane of glass. By utilizing this solution, your company can reduce the need for travel, minimize waste and increase efficiency, freeing up time to focus on your business. Read more.

Mindfully taking steps to be a little bit better every day

AudioCodes is committed to helping your company succeed in a sustainable and responsible manner. If you’re looking to lead your company towards a more sustainable future, contact an AudioCodes specialist to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique requirements and take steps towards a greener world.


Learn how AudioCodes can help your company move to a more sustainable organization today.


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