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Add Real Value to Microsoft Teams for Huge Productivity Gains

Add Real Value to Microsoft Teams for Huge Productivity Gains

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Teams has proven its value in the emerging world of hybrid work, reaching 270 million monthly active users (and counting) as of January 2022.

This really isn’t a surprise, since its instant messaging, online collaboration and voice calling capabilities are practically tailor-made for driving the high levels of productivity vital for success in today’s fast-moving global economy.

But did you know that there are some great ways to get even more from Microsoft Teams?

Going to the Max

Once you’ve taken the plunge and migrated to Microsoft Teams voice calling – and believe me, you won’t regret it – you can start to enjoy its many benefits. But to really take your productivity to the next level, why not add maximum value to your new solution with some carefully selected extras?

Business phones for Teams

AudioCodes has a wide selection of Microsoft-certified devices running the native Microsoft Teams application, suitable for all user personas. These range from the entry level C435HD, which is ideal for common areas, right through to the C455HD and the C470HD, which are packed with all the functionality demanded by discerning managers and executives.

Meeting room devices for Teams

With the rise in remote working, the nature of meetings has changed for good. AudioCodes has recognized this shift, with a range of devices for all meeting room types, including the RXV80 video collaboration bar for traditional conference rooms, the RXVCam50L and RXVCam50M for any sized meeting rooms, and the RXVCam10 personal webcam.

Management tools for IT

Managing a Microsoft Teams environment can be quite overwhelming, particularly if you have hundreds or even thousands of users. It’s imperative to manage the Microsoft Teams deployment effectively if you want to simplify IT operations and increase IT efficiencies. With ease-of-use and efficiency very much in mind, AudioCodes has creating the following time-saving tools:

  • One Voice Operations Center (OVOC), for full device management and network quality monitoring in a single, intuitive application.
  • Device Manager, a powerful lifecycle management tool for AudioCodes business phones, EPOS and Jabra headsets and speakers.
  • User Management Pack™ 365, which simplifies user lifecycle and identity management across Microsoft Teams deployments.

Meeting productivity in the Teams era

Meetings are key to getting things done, but how often do they truly deliver on that goal? AudioCodes Meeting Insights is an in-meeting voice assistant that effortlessly captures and organizes all meeting-generated content to make meetings productive once again.

Quality and compliance recording – Whether it’s for compliance, quality assurance or analytics purposes, AudioCodes SmartTAP 360° Live is the perfect call recording solution for all Microsoft Teams voice, video and instant messaging (IM) interactions. And it’s certified by Microsoft, too.

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AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams
Adding Value to Microsoft Teams Beyond Voice Connectivity

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Starting Your Journey? We Can Help!

These are just some of the ways that we at AudioCodes can help you make the most of Microsoft Teams voice calling.

And if you’re keen to start your Microsoft Teams voice journey, but don’t have the in-house knowledge to lead the project, we can help you make it happen the easy way with AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams. This managed service includes everything an IT professional needs to remove complexity from the integration of Microsoft Teams collaboration, unified communications and enterprise telephony.

Want to add real value to your Microsoft Teams voice deployment?



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