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3 Steps to Upgrading Your Microsoft Teams Meetings Using Generative AI

3 Steps to Upgrading Your Microsoft Teams Meetings Using Generative AI

It’s no secret meetings take up valuable time and energy in your workday, but they’re a necessary part of connecting with customers, syncing on projects and creating relationships with co-workers. We’re aware of this because there’s been a 70% increase in weekly meetings1 since the transition to hybrid/remote work in February 2020.

With the right tools and approach, you can make meetings more efficient, productive and a regular resource for your organization.

This is crucial, especially if you consider the cost of a meeting. Imagine having a conference call with six staff members, each earning an average of $100k, and the meeting runs for an hour.

That's a $420 expense!2

Now, consider that same meeting in a company with 1,000 employees, you can just visualize the enormity.

Most of the Knowledge Shared in Meetings Is Not Available for Later Use

You can take notes and press record, however, how frequently do you note down each crucial detail or revisit the recording? It's likely that you don't.

You’re most likely too busy engaging during the meeting, moving on to the next project and preparing for the next call. And as a result, forget ideas, decisions and questions you may have had. This doesn't need to be the case.

You shouldn't have to:

  • Jot down each thought
  • Wait for access to meeting recordings
  • Request updates from coworkers on past conversations
  • Search for information that’ll help you do your job better

Your meetings should be recorded with notes taken and meeting minutes accessible to everyone automatically (with your permission).

This is Where Generative AI like GPT & LLM Comes into Play

What is GPT and how does it work?

Chances are you’ve already heard of or played around with OpenAI’s product, ChatGPT. This AI chatbot provides intelligent responses based on prompts.

People use ChatGPT for almost anything, from accounting, getting business advice, writing social media posts, creating outlines and even writing software code.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is an AI model that people can use in various forms. It utilizes billions of Large Language Model (LLM) data endpoints of text, such as articles, websites or meetings.

During meetings, GPT and Speech-to-Text (STT) can collaborate to perform various tasks. These tasks include transcribing audio, creating meeting minutes, identifying speakers, analyzing sentiment and finding important questions and themes.

Here are the three steps for upgrading your Microsoft Teams meetings using generative AI:

Automatically Record & Capture Your Meeting Content

Capturing meeting content starts with the automatic recording and transcription of the meeting audio, coupled with recording what’s on screen, for instance, a screen share.

Imagine you're in a meeting – remote, hybrid or in-person and there’s a lot of information sharing, making it hard to keep up. Or, you have staff who need more accessibility, aside from listening to a call.

Having an automatic transcript allows those who are hard of hearing to more easily engage in conversation.

How does this work?

Automatic transcription converts meeting audio to text and syncs it with screen share, ensuring you don’t miss important details. We call this meeting content.

Also, the meeting content is the basis for Generative AI to create AI meeting minutes and turn your meetings into a reoccurring resource.

A few additional elements are necessary to automatically capture your meeting content:

  • Natural Language Understanding: Improve accuracy by identifying the context and meaning of words, including idioms, slang and jargon commonly used in meetings.

  • Speaker Identification: Separate speakers in a meeting, improve transcription accuracy and recognize and assign individual voices to specific speakers.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing meeting transcriptions to detect emotions and attitudes, providing insights into the mood and tone of the meeting. This can help you understand other perspectives and opinions.


Automate Meeting Minutes and Conversational Intelligence Using Generative AI

Taking notes while staying fully focused on the conversation is not easy. Usually, when you take notes, typed or written, the presentation, brainstorming or customer interview continues, and you end up losing concentration.

Not only do you continue to lose focus on the conversation, but you’re taking notes relevant to you. Meanwhile, other attendees are taking notes relevant to them. Multiply that by three to four participants and you have several perspectives and outcomes unique to each person.

With AI-powered meeting minutes, you possess a single tool that consolidates notes from everyone's input during the meeting.

This enables you, your clients, employees or suppliers to communicate openly, while your discussion automatically transforms into actionable insights after the call. You can use these new conversational intelligence insights to inform your decisions.

AI-Powered Meeting Minutes You Can Expect:

  • Meeting summary
  • Meeting outline
  • Action items
  • Decisions made
  • Questions asked/answered
  • Highlights of important moments
  • Speaker specific summaries

Think of AI-Powered Meeting Minutes like Having a Conversation with Meeting Notes

Your current method of consuming meeting minutes is like reading a book. You read the notes, gather what is written and move on. But with AI-powered meeting minutes, it’s like having a conversation with your notes.

Instead of asking someone else to take notes during a meeting you can’t attend, you can ask the AI meeting summary to list the highlights from the call.

During a new product training session, instead of taking notes or reviewing the chat, you can inquire about the questions asked. You can also inquire about who asked the questions and how they were answered.


Centralize Your AI-Powered Meeting Minutes and Conversational Intelligence

At this point, your AI meeting summaries and conversational intelligence are in a silo. What's the point of using Generative AI if you or others can’t easily find and consume the information?

Your recordings, transcripts and AI meeting minutes need to be alongside each other and instantly available to everyone. Otherwise, you’re left scrolling through old Microsoft Teams chats, requesting access to links and wasting time linking everything together.

When You have AI-Powered Meeting Minutes & Conversational Intelligence from Calls Like:

  • Candidate interviews
  • Customer calls
  • Product demos
  • 1-1 syncs
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Team meetings
  • Product & UX research
  • Employee onboarding
  • Project updates

You're creating an index of useful content for your organization to help make better decisions regularly.

There are hundreds of meetings happening across your organization weekly, including meetings that could be helpful to your work that you aren’t invited to.

For example, you’re a product manager that’s been leading a lengthy project for a product update set to be released in a few weeks. You know the sales, marketing and customer success teams are having regular calls with customers and prospects who’ll use the new features.

Yet, you’re tired of asking colleagues for one-sided meeting notes or a link to a long recording on a different platform.

Instead, your organization begins using a meeting assistant app to centralize meeting content in one place. Now you access those recordings and search for meeting titles like, “Mega Corp Customer Call.”

You can search the AI-powered meeting minutes to find everything discussed during the call and hear directly from your customer.

Introducing AudioCodes Meeting Insights Newest Generative AI Features

AudioCodes Meeting Insights uses the power of your voice and Generative AI to automate the meeting minutes of every Microsoft Teams meeting.

Meeting Insights automatically records and organizes every element of each online meeting for your team. Meeting Insights is a meeting assistant app with a company-wide approach.

It gives the whole team access to meeting content, so everyone has the information to make better decisions.

How it works:

  1. The Meeting Insights Assistant (Mia) automatically joins and records your organization's internal and external Microsoft Teams meetings.
  2. Your meeting transcription and content are saved to your Meeting Insights repository.
  3. Generative AI quickly analyzes every portion of the meeting.
  4. The AI meeting summarization, specific customer questions and how they're answered, relevant topics of conversation and binge-worthy highlights from every Teams meeting are ready to be accessed and shared.

No more scrolling old Teams meeting chats, all your meeting recordings are in one app.

Going to miss a meeting? Have Meeting Insights attend, capture and organize all the details of the hour-long meeting, so you only need five minutes to catch up on every detail later.


1 https://reclaim.ai/blog/productivity-report-one-on-one-meetings 
2 https://hbr.org/2016/01/estimate-the-cost-of-a-meeting-with-this-calculator 


Want to find out more about the productivity-boosting power of Meeting Insights?


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