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What Are the Five Pillars of Digital Transformation?

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What Are the Five Pillars of Digital Transformation?

With more than 145 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly a winner – and this skyrocketing popularity has pushed the platform right to the front of the pack in the ultra-competitive unified communications (UC) market.

But even though Teams ticks all the right UC boxes, migrating to and managing the platform sometimes requires technical knowledge that might not be readily available to every organization. It’s fair to say that migration can be a sizable burden for even the most dedicated IT teams, who still have to take care of all their regular daily tasks as well.

The Questions You Need to Ask

When we talk to IT professionals about the nuts and bolts of digital transformation, we often hear their concerns about Teams migration expressed as “How will I…?” questions. We call these concerns the “five pillars”, and if you address them properly you can look forward to a successful deployment. They are:



Time to Production

IT managers are most often concerned about the time and costs involved in migrating to a new UC solution, especially when facing pressure from senior management to deploy quickly. Later on, their concerns shift to the time and money costs of managing the new solution. The question they tend to ask is: “How will I manage the new platform?”


Ease of Buying

For any organization wanting to deploy a UC solution like Teams, particularly in the cloud era, a subscription-based service provides the predictability and flexibility needed to plan ahead, especially if they are currently running legacy infrastructure. Many organizations ask: “How will I turn off other platforms and gain predictable control over telephony costs?”


Cloud Scale & Virtualization

Organizations wanting to move fast with their Teams migration but still keep things simple need to pay attention to scale and elasticity. For the deployment to work as it should and deliver the hoped-for benefits, it is absolutely vital to purchase infrastructure powerful enough to do the job. The questions asked here are: “How will I meet our cloud mandates or reduce hardware footprints?”


Reporting Services

A successful deployment requires transparency at every level to make sure that quality standards are always met. For this to happen, IT managers need access to accurate reporting tools so that they can identify and take care of problems whenever they arise. They ask: “How will I manage the platform or meet service management expectations?”


Operations & Services

It’s not always the technical aspects of UC adoption that are the most challenging, but instead putting together a plan, budget or vision. However, not every organization has the resources for planning a Teams migration and deploying the solution effectively. In this case, organizations are asking: “How will I meet SLAs?”

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