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Track Your Call Routing with Our New Analytical Dashboard

Track Your Call Routing with Our New Analytical Dashboard

It’s no exaggeration to say that today’s IT managers almost certainly have their hands full. The adoption of unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone, and the rise of the hybrid workplace, has contributed to a dramatic rise in their workload.

This burden is particularly felt when it comes to bread-and-butter IT tasks like call routing, where managing network-wide rules and dial plans of multi-cloud, multi-vendor enterprise VoIP networks can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming activity.

So how can hard-pressed IT managers make call routing for complex networks easy?

The Only Call Routing Application You’ll Ever Need

AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) is a powerful, innovative solution that effortlessly enables the centralized control of all session routing decisions. And if you’re an IT manager, it’s safe to say that ARM has you covered.

Using a highly intuitive graphical user interface, you can design and modify your voice network topologies and call routing policies from a single application, leading to significant savings in valuable time and money.

Even better, ARM can be deployed to provide optimized call routing in practically any large, distributed voice environment, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone and Genesys contact centers. Without a doubt, “versatility” should be ARM’s middle name.

Now Call Routing Is Even Easier

In the latest ARM version, to really emphasize its simplicity and user-friendliness, we’ve gathered all the most important analytics data together in one easy-to-understand dashboard screen. No more frantically clicking around a whole bunch of different tabs to find the information you need – it’s all there in front of you, anytime you want it.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • A summary of network routing attempts and the number of nodes, users and routers defined in the system.
  • Key data collected over the previous three hours, including:
    • A graph showing system routing attempts
    • A map view of the most popular routes
    • The routing rules with the highest number of calls transferred
  • Active alarms categorized according to severity.
  • A news panel outlining new features, which is synchronized with the AudioCodes portal so you can get more information and decide if you want to upgrade your ARM software.

AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) Dashboard

Total Visibility into Calling Paths

And if all that wasn’t enough, ARM has a new and exciting ace up its sleeve.

It now boasts an enhanced dashboard that allows you to easily select the required network nodes and visualize the calling path in a clear and simple way. For a greater degree of control, you can also assign rules to network entities (IP Prefixes and Hosts) or to user entities (User Group and Customer).

AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) Routing Rules

Statistics, Analytics and Network Planning Data Stored for a Year

In addition to the simple calling path definition process outlined above, you can easily monitor your network on a daily basis using a powerful statistics collection mechanism that stores your routing data for up to one year. You can get quick answers to critical questions, including:

  • Which node does most of the network traffic pass through?
  • Which is the busiest routing path?
  • Which routing rules are rarely or never used?
  • Which routers handle the majority of your traffic?
  • What’s the best way to expand your network according to these findings?

AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) Statistics

Get Ready to Be Seriously Impressed

If you want to slash the time you spend on designing and provisioning network topology and reduce your reliance on expensive telephony experts, AudioCodes Routing Manager could be the perfect solution for you. Why not try a no-obligation demo or get a free demo license?

Want to see ARM in action for yourself?




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