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Top 5 Ways That User Management Pack™ 365 Sets You Free


You know that you made the right decision to deploy Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams in your organization. After all, these solutions are proven game changers in today’s dynamic workplaces, and every day you see for yourself their positive impact on how your employees work together. But if you sometimes feel that the day-to-day management of these deployments is just a bit too time-consuming,  or even daunting, I can assure you that you’re not alone.

With this in mind, we at AudioCodes developed a powerful and innovative software application to help you get to grips with user lifecycle and identity management across Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams deployments. That tool is User Management Pack™ 365. So, without further ado, let’s check out the top 5 ways that User Management Pack™ 365 sets you free.


Powerful yet simple.

The secret of User Management Pack™ 365 lies in its simplicity, bringing together disparate management aspects into a holistic lifecycle process. It simplifies the setup of hybrid voice over the built-in Office 365 Connector, completely automates user lifecycle management, and enables identity management over multiple forests. You can migrate users to Cloud PBX (Office 365) with a single click, and you have full control over all Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams user modalities, including Office 365 Cloud PBX users.


One simple screen alleviates the need for PowerShell expertise.

User Management Pack™ 365 is managed through a single, powerful web portal, so you can say goodbye to multiple management tools like PowerShell and the Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams control panels. You no longer need to attend expensive and time-consuming training courses, and you can focus on more important projects instead. You can assign user definitions and policies quickly from one place, and in bulk, further increasing productivity.


Extra security while keeping things moving.

A heavy daily workload consisting mainly of repetitive tasks can harm enterprise security because it can take too long to deny former employees access to Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Similarly, productivity can be harmed when new employees aren’t added quickly enough and given the correct privileges to do their job properly.


Demarcations make it clear who’s responsible for what.

User Management Pack™ 365 provides a clear demarcation between the customer environment and the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams setup when using the built-in Active Directory Connector, making uncertainty over SLAs a thing of the past. You also get real admin privilege flexibility, and the online version of the application delivers full multi-tenant functionality.


Real value for money.

Last but not least, User Management Pack™ 365 lowers the total cost of ownership of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams operations, a big plus in this age of tighter margins and a corresponding focus on the bottom line. Not only that, future versions of User Management Pack™ 365 will extend beyond voice to encompass SharePoint, OneDrive and more.



Read this application note today and see how User Management Pack™ 365 really can save you
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