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Tecpetrol Replaces PBXs and Reaches Global Microsoft Teams Voice Calling Success with AudioCodes

Tecpetrol Replaces PBXs and Reaches Global Microsoft Teams Voice Calling Success with AudioCodes

At AudioCodes, we’re recognized for our voice-enabling technologies and benefits, including flexible voice connectivity, migration support and centralized voice network management and monitoring. These qualities were indeed valuable for Tecpetrol’s UC migration. By leveraging AudioCodes solutions, Tecpetrol enhanced their communication infrastructure, streamlined their voice connectivity and improved overall efficiency and management of their voice networks.

The Customer

Tecpetrol is an oil and gas company that operates in the exploration, production and development of hydrocarbon resources. They are part of the Techint Group and have operations in various countries, primarily in Latin America. Tecpetrol places a strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability and social responsibility in their operations.

The Challenge

Tecpetrol was looking for an effective and seamless solution to migrate their multi-site PBXs to a unified communication (UC) solution. To ensure a smooth migration, they analyzed different scenarios and evaluated the potential impacts and risks associated with each.

Their goal was to minimize disruptions and create a UC environment across their offices and PBXs. They achieved this by utilizing AudioCodes session border controllers (SBCs), which integrated within their entire operation.

The Solution

By leveraging AudioCodes’ solution, Direct Routing SBCs for Microsoft Teams, Tecpetrol was able to transition from their legacy PBX systems to a modern and UC communication platform powered by Microsoft Teams.
AudioCodes’ technologies played a crucial role in enabling seamless integration between Tecpterol’s existing infrastructure and the Microsoft Teams platform. This integration facilitated smooth migration, ensuring that users could leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams for voice calling while maintaining centralized management and monitoring of their voice network.

The Results

By choosing AudioCodes Direct Routing SBCs for Microsoft Teams, Tecpetrol made a strategic decision to enable seamless integration between their existing communication infrastructure to the Microsoft Teams platform.

Here are some key benefits of Tecpetrol’s choice:

  • Direct Routing: AudioCodes Direct Routing SBCs allowed Tecpetrol to connect their PBXs to Microsoft Teams. This enabled Tecpetrol to leverage their existing infrastructure while gaining the advantage of Microsoft Teams for UC and collaboration.
  • Seamless Integration: AudioCodes solution provided flexibility and scalability to accommodate Tecpetrol’s communication needs as the evolved. This included the ability to support multiple locations, scale for increased call volumes and adapt to future changes in their communication infrastructure.
  • Centralized Management: AudioCodes SBCs offer centralized management and monitoring capabilities. This allows Tecpetrol to efficiently manage and configure their voice connectivity, monitor call quality and troubleshoot any issues from a single interface.

By choosing AudioCodes Direct Routing SBCs for Microsoft Teams, Tecpetrol can leverage their existing telephony infrastructure while benefiting from the collaboration and communication capabilities offered by Microsoft Teams. This provided them with the flexibility, scalability, security and centralized management, enhancing their overall communication experience supporting their business operations.

“Because of Microsoft’s great UC platform, our integrator Newtech and AudioCodes’ flexible approach and products, we managed to successfully migrate to Microsoft Teams and improve our customers’ experience and productivity.”

Juan Martín Patronelli, IT Communications Network Manager, Tecpetrol

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