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Stay Connected When the Unexpected Happens with Zoom Phone Local Survivability

Stay Connected When the Unexpected Happens with Zoom Phone Local Survivability

In our increasingly complex and interlinked business world, unexpected things can – and do – happen. But when such “things” happen to large organizations, interrupting vital communications between their employees and customers, the results are frequently costly and occasionally even catastrophic.

Everybody understands how crucial it is for businesses to have reliable and ongoing connectivity, especially in the new era of hybrid work where employees can be located quite literally anywhere. And this applies equally as much to enterprises that have migrated to cloud communications, with maximum reliability and local survivability remaining key requirements, as they do for those who are still using more traditional on-premises systems.

So, how can organizations using Zoom Phone make sure that their people can stay connected, and productive, at all times?

Introducing Zoom Phone Local Survivability

Zoom recently announced the launch of its Zoom Phone Local Survivability (ZPLS) module, which enables a resilient environment for large-scale organizations like retailers, schools and universities.

This new solution maintains local communication should a loss of connectivity to the cloud occur, enabling organizations to continue their day-to-day business tasks and keep delivering mission-critical services to their clients. It represents another survivability layer for companies that use Zoom Phone, beyond relying purely on the cloud’s resiliency and the availability of WAN connectivity.

When activated, ZPLS supports internal extension dialing, inbound and outbound PSTN calls (which requires local PSTN connectivity), E911 support for calls to Emergency Services, Hold/Resume Call, Call Park and ad hoc third-party conference calling. It also supports the searching of contacts and dialing numbers from a device’s call history.

AudioCodes is one of the first vendors to support these exciting new capabilities by providing an appliance that runs ZPLS coupled with a session border controller (SBC) and/or a gateway for local PSTN connectivity.

This innovative appliance accommodates a small-scale server or Zoom Node that is connected directly to the Zoom Cloud during normal operations and works on a standalone basis when communication to the cloud is lost. Zoom Node provides a secure framework to locally host ZPLS and similar workloads and is managed and controlled from the Zoom Cloud, so the ZPLS software (and other workloads) can auto-update from the cloud and easily return to a backup mode when connectivity is restored. This ensures that local survivability for Zoom Phone users is achieved in a simple and seamless way.

Having both ZPLS and the SBC running in one box leaves less room for configuration errors and also means that there is less equipment to look after. 

The AudioCodes ZPLS appliance, as well as AudioCodes SBCs, can be managed via the One Voice Operations Center (OVOC). This makes it easy for busy IT professionals to oversee a large network containing ZPLS appliances, SBCs and other devices, from any location.

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The AudioCodes ZPLS appliance is just one small part of our comprehensive portfolio of certified solutions for enhanced Zoom Phone productivity, including:

For organizations that want to radically simplify the adoption of Zoom Phone as their primary communications and collaboration platform, AudioCodes is pleased to present AudioCodes Live for Zoom Phone. This unified offering of voice connectivity and productivity solutions as a service is the fast route to exceptional productivity in today’s dynamic hybrid workplaces.

If uninterrupted Zoom Phone connectivity is important for your organization, give the AudioCodes ZPLS appliance a try!


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