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Smart Collaboration Devices for a Seamless Microsoft Teams Hybrid Work Experience

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Smart Collaboration Devices for a Seamless Hybrid Work Experience

Hybrid work is a people-first approach that drives increased productivity and supports a blend of in-office, remote and on-the-go workers. Under a hybrid working model, collaboration devices and advanced technologies have incredible potential. Finding a communication device that supports workers’ wellbeing and sustainability is an essential part of hybrid work, since background noise, poor sound and video quality are common factors that can cause meeting fatigue and loss of focus. Which begs us to consider, how can we solve uncontrollable variables in workplace environments?

Challenges Companies Face During Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are vastly more complex than meeting in-person or virtually. As the workplace expands and workers are no longer confined inside the four walls of the corporate office, companies need to find communication solutions to support a mixture of in-office and remote meetings. One thing that must be considered is how to ensure that employees don’t lose that feeling of equality as meetings go from office to hybrid.

Meeting equity is all about ensuring remote and in-person attendees have a similar experience and feel they have equal opportunities to contribute to a meeting. Traditional in-office meeting rooms are equipped with standard devices, such as screens and projectors and normally have a capacity of 6-15 seats limiting the number of people who can productively participate in the meeting to those physically sitting in the meeting room. But with the hybrid workplace becoming the new normal, the number of in-person participants has decreased. A meeting room once equipped for 10 or more people now only seats an average of five, meaning revised equipment is now required to close the newly created gap. This setup, mixed with remote workers, lack personability and can lead to poor communication.

Improving intuitive hybrid collaborations with top-notch office technology creates the right mix between hybrid work and small and/or medium sizes meeting rooms while maintaining meeting equity. Hybrid-friendly devices offer a truly equal experience for hybrid workers and in-room participants, which is essential for an inclusive, equal and engaging hybrid meeting.

Advantages of Hybrid-Created Devices

The use of proper equipment helps companies to enhance their hybrid capabilities without making any major changes to their rooms. Microsoft recently presented the ideal layout for a small meeting room, equipped with a half round table so that all physical participants are facing the screen, that way, physical and remote participants have the optimal meeting experience.

Collaboration bars also contribute to huddle rooms and small-medium meeting rooms in terms of an integrated sound system to avoid voice interference picked up from outside the meeting participants, in addition to a high-quality camera with an adequate field of view to cover the entire room and participants. Moreover, collaboration bar features like click to join, the ability to see who joined the meeting and sharing content is a vital part in creating meeting equity.

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RXV81 - Microsoft Teams Room (MTR)
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AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar

AudioCodes’ new RXV81 collaboration bar takes advantage of plug-and-play simplicity to deliver a familiar and exceptionally productive Microsoft Teams hybrid meeting experience. It’s an excellent and immediate solution for huddle and medium sized meeting rooms, as well as for managers’ and executives’ personal offices in today’s busy hybrid workplace. The RXV81 collaboration bar is easy to install and deploy, typically taking less than 10 minutes to have up and running. This affordable solution allows companies to easily migrate their meeting rooms into an advanced hybrid workspace, allowing for better connectivity and productivity to support their hybrid workers.

AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar

AudioCodes RXV81’s remarkable capabilities make it the perfect solution for accommodating a 5-6 people meeting room, allowing physically present participants to feel more connected to the remote participants. Competitively priced, the RXV81 enhances hybrid work. The RXV81 collaboration bar highlights consist of:

  • A wide-angled camera with ePTZ performance (x5 Zoom) to capture every seat at the table.
  • High-quality audio with full-room pickup and no need for additional external USB audio devices.
  • MTR feature set, including intuitive meeting experiences with one-touch join and view meeting content with remote video and content sharing.
  • Compact and aesthetic design.
  • Integrated BT 5.0 (for RCU, proximity join) with a smart and managed Bluetooth remote control.
  • Cast the RXV81 directly via Microsoft casting feature without the need for an HDMI connection.
  • Easy to install, deploy and manage.
  • Cost-effective.


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