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Revealed: The Most Popular UC Management Application!

Revealed: The Most Popular UC Management Application!

If there’s one thing I love about my job, it’s facts and figures. Let’s face it, anyone can argue against opinions – and I frequently do, just ask my wife. But numbers gathered from serious research are another beast entirely. These figures are the raw data we need to guide us towards making informed decisions, especially when those decisions are likely to have a significant impact on our financial bottom line. And here are some numbers you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Telling It Like It Is

Recently, I got hold of a copy of Metrigy’s Unified Communications Management and Endpoints: 2021-22 report, which is jam-packed with exactly the kind of statistics that any CTO would want to thoroughly digest before signing off on a brand-new IT project. As the title suggests, it’s a comprehensive study of UC management, taking a deep dive into endpoints, security, administration and performance.

Metrigy conducted in-depth interviews with decision-makers in 395 firms in 11 countries. The mean employee count was 7,061 and the mean annual revenue was $1.4 billion. An extremely representative sample, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Almost a Quarter(!) Chose AudioCodes for Management Tools

But what really stood out – which didn’t actually surprise me too much if I’m being completely honest about it – was the data for the most popular vendor for UC performance management tools. You’ve guessed it, AudioCodes led the field with an impressive 23.3% of respondents from companies with cloud infrastructure saying that we were their primary vendor.

Primary Performance Management Vendor

This makes perfect sense to me, given the move towards the hybrid work model, since our One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) offers full device management and network quality monitoring for UC solutions in one powerful application that is accessible from any location. This is absolutely essential for today’s geographically dispersed teams wanting to maintain high productivity levels to keep ahead of the competition, and amply demonstrates how successful the AudioCodes “single pane of glass” approach is. And it’s exactly what you’d expect from a network management solution vendor that also offers all the infrastructure necessary to build all-IP voice networks.

Streamlined Voice Network Lifecycle Management

So, looking beyond the numbers for a minute, what does OVOC bring to the hybrid workplace table?

  • First up, OVOC’s exceptionally user-friendly UI design lets you manage all your UC network elements for their whole lifecycle from one centralized location. This facilitates easy device management, voice quality monitoring and advanced routing, saving you valuable time and money.
  • No less importantly, OVOC radically simplifies what used to be seen as complex and time-consuming tasks. Root cause analysis, bulk software updates and adding new devices to the UC network can all be done really quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
  • Finally, OVOC genuinely does see the big picture and provides intelligent insights into network trends and performance to help you optimize planning and design. Even better, voice quality issues can be identified and mitigated before they turn into showstoppers.

OVOC is quite literally your key to embracing a holistic outlook to network lifecycle management in a challenging new era. But don’t just take my word for it. After all, almost 25% of Metrigy’s respondents can’t be wrong.

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