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Product Notice #0351: SBC Support for WebRTC using Google Chrome 72


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since Product Notice #0351 was sent on 25 January 2019, Google has fixed the bug in the Chrome 72 beta version that adversely affected WebRTC functionality on AudioCodes session border controllers (SBC). 

Therefore, the instructions in the Product Notice to resolve the Chrome 72 bug concerning WebRTC should be ignored.

For full details, please read Product Notice #0352.

We at AudioCodes always want you to get the very best from our world-beating VoIP technology. This means that we pay careful attention to any changes to third-party products that might affect how you use ours.

For this reason, we recently published Product Notice #0351, which details how the WebRTC functionality supported by AudioCodes’ session border controllers (SBC) will be affected by the upcoming release of Google Chrome 72.

Chrome 72 changes the way the Web browser handles the “mid” attribute (“a=mid:”) in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) body. This attribute is used as a unique identifier of the media stream, and as of Chrome 72 it will be mandatory for WebRTC negotiation.

Currently, the latest SBC version doesn’t support this attribute in the SDP body, so WebRTC won't function properly when using Chrome 72. This issue will be resolved in a soon-to-be-released SBC maintenance update, which will be indicated in the Release Notes.

We also provide an alternative method for resolving this issue without upgrading your SBC version. To find out how to do this, we recommend that you read the full product notice.

The AudioCodes Mediant family of SBCs deliver the seamless connectivity, interoperability, security and quality assurance that today’s businesses demand. They support high availability at any scale to ensure uninterrupted communications, and are ideal for the following scenarios:

  • SIP trunking
  • IP contact centers
  • Hosted UC applications
  • Remote and mobile worker support
  • Connecting to multiple service providers with least cost routing capability
  • SIP mediation between UC and IP-PBX systems 



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