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Optimizing UC Device Management the Easy Way

Optimizing UC Device Management the Easy Way

The world of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is in constant flux, with new trends emerging every year. Among these developments, cloud-based unified communications (UC) solutions have gained popularity, offering flexibility, scalability and cost savings.

This shift became even more pronounced with the rapid growth of the hybrid work model during recent times, representing a fantastic opportunity for service providers to upsell to their customers. Today, with so many meeting room devices and business phones deployed as an integral part of UC solutions, effective device management has also become a key concern.

Device Management Is a Must-Have in Modern Business

Device management is set to become a critical necessity in 2023, according to market research firm Omdia. However, currently, only 41 percent of enterprises utilize device monitoring solutions from device vendors.1

With the growth of UCaaS services, customers expect service providers to include device management services as part of their UC solutions. And if their service provider doesn’t offer them, customers will simply switch to one that does.

Saving You Time and Money

Managing UC environments, which are often complex and diverse, can be a daunting task. UC device management tools drastically simplify this work, reducing errors and downtime.

Such tools are crucial for maintaining device performance, security and reliability, especially with regard to meeting rooms and for key personas in the organization. Additionally, they aid compliance adherence and automate routine tasks, thus reducing labor costs.

Navigating Complexity in Today’s UCaaS Environments

The presence of devices in UCaaS environments introduces additional complexities. These challenges include the physical hardware and UC client software, meeting the language preferences of multinational users, addressing various device vendors and ensuring security in remote work settings.

UC device management applications are the natural choice for tackling these hurdles effectively.


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Meet the AudioCodes Live Cloud Device Manager

AudioCodes Live Cloud is a certified, white label SaaS solution for Microsoft Teams that enables service providers to onboard and deliver a managed multi-tenant Microsoft Teams voice service offering for their customers. It facilitates Microsoft Teams connectivity and device management directly from Azure.

Live Cloud’s Device Manager is a powerful self-service platform that makes it possible for service providers to upsell a full lifecycle device management solution to their resellers and customers. By ensuring that devices are correctly provisioned, deployed and working properly right from the start, customers know that meeting rooms and business phones are always ready for use when they’re needed, wherever the users are located.

This maximizes productivity, improves efficiency, enhances collaboration and maintains high levels of reliability and professionalism, as well as meeting compliance requirements.

UC Device Management at Your Fingertips

Service providers can leverage UC device management solutions like AudioCodes Live Cloud Device Manager to help their customers streamline operations and improve user experiences by delivering consistent, reliable service. Ultimately, these solutions save customers’ time and resources while significantly boosting their employees’ productivity.

In a continually evolving telecommunications landscape, efficient UC device management is the key to success, ensuring that organizations can adapt and thrive in our ever-changing business environment. Can you afford to do without it?

1 Omdia 2023 Trends to Watch: Unified Communications and Collaboration


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