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Loud and Clear! The Importance of Voice in the Remote Working Era

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Loud and Clear! The Importance of Voice in the Remote Working Era

The stratospheric growth of Microsoft Teams during 2020, with the platform finishing the year with more than 115 million daily active users, looks set to continue as enterprises worldwide come face to face the new reality of remote working. And it isn’t a stretch, by any means, to say that its incredible instant messaging, online meetings, calling and web conferencing functionality is totally transforming the way we work.

Now, as more and more business meetings involve employees participating from home as well as from the office, ensuring excellent sound quality at all times has assumed vital importance. After all, to get business done effectively in our dynamic global economy, people need to be heard and understood clearly – at all times.

But how can enterprises stack the sound quality odds firmly in their favor?

Microsoft to the Rescue

The recent news from Microsoft outlining their new method for addressing bandwidth issues for Teams users working remotely goes a long way to answering that question. What Microsoft have done is to allow users to limit the amount of data used during Teams video calls in areas with poor or limited network connections.

This nice little feature means that a remote worker on a video call who encounters slow internet speeds because the kids are endlessly streaming YouTube videos can cap the data consumed by the video part of the call to maintain the high quality of the voice experience. No more internet interruptions caused by family members binge-watching Netflix or downloading the latest must-have Xbox game!

Bye Bye to Bottlenecks

At AudioCodes, our commitment to a superior Microsoft Teams calling experience for remote employees as well as office-based workers is strongly reflected in our products themselves.

To help enterprises identify bottlenecks in their networks and fix them fast, we created the One Voice Operations Center (OVOC). This powerful yet easy-to-use voice network management solution effortlessly fuses VoIP network device management and quality of experience monitoring into a single web-based application.

It’s often an overused expression, but OVOC really does see the big picture, providing intelligent insights into network trends and performance to optimize planning and design. And for those who prioritize exceptional sound quality – which, let’s face it, should be everyone in this day and age – OVOC quickly and easily diagnoses and mitigates voice quality issues before they turn into service affecting events.

Sounds Great, Looks Even Better

This drive to deliver great audio – and video – quality is also evident in our devices.

AudioCodes’ 400HD native Teams business IP phones are built on clean, ergonomic design values, can connect via Wi-Fi (ideal for the homeworker) and boast intuitive menus that make them a breeze to use. Each model in the range puts out crystal-clear sound via high-end duplex speakers and ultra-reliable USB headset connectivity. Good news all round for conversational continuity!

When it comes to the video part of the business communication equation, we’re no slouches either.

AudioCodes’ meeting room solutions support every type and size of room in today’s rapidly evolving workplace, whether those rooms are in the office or at home. Based on the most innovative audio and video technology on the market, our speakerphones and cameras deliver exquisite sound and vision to ensure that every participant is both seen and heard – regardless of location. For example, our RXVCam10 personal webcam packs 1080p full HD video at 30fps for crisp images in all lighting conditions.

As you can see, and hear, we’ve quite literally got everything covered!


Want to enjoy the real productivity gains that come with great sound and vision?




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