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Let’s Bring Back ‘Simple’ with the Ultimate Conversational IVR Made for Teams

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Let’s Bring Back ‘Simple’ with the Ultimate Conversational IVR Made for Teams

Around 25 years ago, I watched a documentary about an NBA legend (not him 😊), and one of the things I remember the most from this interview is one question that the reporter asked him: “How do you choose your girlfriends?” The NBA legend smiled and said, “As long as she knows how to set my VCR recording, she passed.”

In today’s politically correct environment, such comments are fortunately very rare. But even if we judge his statement with the innocent minds that we had 25 years ago, it still sounds wrong.

So why am I mentioning this?

25 years ago, setting your VCR to record at a specific time required a set of unique skills that not many possessed. Just think of how many times people missed their favorite TV shows just because they were less than tech-savvy.

Simplicity at Our Fingertips

Today, my two-year-old granddaughter quite naturally takes my smartphone, and with few graceful (and adorable) clicks she starts watching her favorite Frozen scene – and she even knows how to quickly skip the ads.

Dumb-proofing technology and turning it into something easy to operate is not just found in the realm of mobile phones or TV streamers. Just a few years ago, before unified communications and collaboration systems took over our day-to-day work, conference calls took ages to set up, a video conference was an utter nightmare (that never actually worked), and we spent half our day trying to set up collaboration sessions with remote teams.

Application Note
Voca – Agile Conversational IVR
for Microsoft Teams
Embracing the power of Conversational IVR in the ultimate new desktop

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Don’t Leave Your IVR Behind

Now, it might seem like we’ve got it all covered, and simplicity has hit every technological pain point, but we still have some organizational systems that were left behind in the dust. One such example is IVR.

After IT and telephony experts have set up an IVR system, it remains pretty much untouched. Just like recording from a VCR back in the day, changing IVR prompts, adding languages and editing flows seems to require too much energy and valuable time.

Well, if organizations had to choose partners like NBA legends chose their girlfriends 25 years ago, AudioCodes Voca should be everyone’s crush.

Thanks to Voca, AudioCodes’ Conversational IVR native Microsoft Teams application, managing your IVR is as simple as connecting to Wi-Fi . Voca offers advanced Voice Recognition capabilities that help organizations to instantly automate call flows, and upgrade their main line calling experience.

Powered by AudioCodes Voice.AI technologies, the intuitive Teams app enables IT managers to quickly and easily create and design their IVR call flows, upload and record prompts, access reports and voice analytics, and actually have fun while doing it.

Want to get your own Conversational IVR up and running in Teams in just 5 minutes?



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