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How to Choose Meeting Room Solutions for Every Space in the Hybrid Workplace

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How to Choose Meeting Room Solutions for Every Space in the Hybrid Workplace

The rise of the hybrid workplace has increased the demand for video-enabled collaboration through unified communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams. These platforms significantly boost employees’ productivity, whether they’re in the office, at home or on the move.

However, for maximum effectiveness, a dependable and high-quality meeting room solution that can effortlessly bridge the gap between co-workers and customers around the world is a must.

A Solution for Every Microsoft Teams Room

AudioCodes meeting room solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms offer superior voice pickup and enhanced video coverage to suit every room size and configuration in today’s workplace. From small huddle rooms to large boardrooms, and everything in between, our Microsoft-certified devices are simple to set up and use, and provide full support for all Microsoft Teams features.

In addition, they boast advanced features like content sharing, AI-powered auto-framing technology and centralized device management.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of meeting room.

Large Meeting Rooms

Large Meeting Rooms

An ideal solution for large meeting rooms includes a speakerphone for clear sound, a versatile microphone array for capturing voices from all around the room, a camera with auto-framing that covers everyone in the room and a user-friendly interface for easy meeting management. It may also include dual screen support and a content camera for easy whiteboard sharing.

To get expert solution recommendations, check out our brand new Large Meeting Room Solutions page.

Medium Meeting Rooms

Medium Meeting Rooms

Growing demand for video collaboration in medium meeting rooms calls for high-quality audio, wide-angle cameras, robust speakerphones and content sharing capabilities. Recent technological advances have brought AI-driven features like auto-framing into the mix, and intuitive meeting management tools are now very cost-effective.

To get expert solution recommendations, check out our brand new Medium Meeting Room Solutions page.

Huddle and Focus Rooms

Huddle and Focus Rooms

Huddle rooms are compact, flexible and cost-effective spaces that are equipped for video conferencing, screen sharing and content creation, allowing both in-person and remote participants to work together effectively. In the hybrid workplace, they can enhance productivity, improve engagement and optimize the use of space.

To get expert solution recommendations, check out our brand new Huddle/Focus Room Solutions page.



In the hybrid workplace, where employees split their time between home and the office, effective communication fosters collaboration, productivity and innovation. While remote work offers flexibility and comfort, it requires proper equipment like hands-free speakerphones, desktop business phones and high-quality cameras. The hardware should be easy to install and manage remotely by IT teams.

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Why Choose AudioCodes for Your Meeting Rooms?

If promoting productive hybrid meetings, where all participants are seen and heard, is important to your organization, there’s an AudioCodes meeting room solution waiting for you.

AudioCodes offers an extensive range of Microsoft-certified Teams voice and meeting room solutions. And with three decades of field-proven telecommunications experience under our belt, our experts can work with you to transform your meeting rooms and bring your employees closer together. It really is time to talk.


Want to find out how AudioCodes can help you transform your meeting rooms experience?


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