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How to Boost Your Productivity with Video in the Hybrid Work Era

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How to Boost Your Productivity with Video in the Hybrid Work Era

As the hybrid working model – based on unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams – becomes more and more popular, it’s becoming pretty clear that the changes driven by this new paradigm are perhaps most immediately noticeable within the realm of corporate meeting culture. After all, meetings are where voices are heard, important information is shared, and business-changing decisions are made.

But how can you make sure that your organization thrives and comes out on top in the hybrid work era?

Less Is the New More

To meet the challenges of hybrid working, organizations are increasingly shifting towards using smaller  Microsoft Teams-equipped meeting spaces like huddle rooms instead of the more traditional conference rooms. At the same time, managers and executives are feeling much more comfortable conducting business meetings from their personal offices. These are both welcome developments, since under the hybrid model there are less people in the office at any one time, so money isn’t wasted on maintaining larger spaces that don’t get used anyway.

However, although smaller meeting spaces and huddle rooms are the key to creating more flexible working arrangements, there are still some technical challenges to overcome so that productivity doesn’t start to take a dive. Unless these rooms are enabled for video as well as audio, they will likely fail to deliver an organic and worthwhile meeting experience. For the very best results, any video solution needs to provide full coverage of the entire room, regardless of whether it’s a huddle room or a personal office.

Better Visibility Means Higher Productivity

The audio and video gear installed in traditional workplace meeting rooms was often cumbersome and frequently cost a small fortune. This was fine when there were just a handful of such rooms in any office building. But with the proliferation of huddle rooms, the cost of equipping a whole organization to the same level would be prohibitive to say the least.

Many organizations are therefore asking: is there a way of getting great huddle room audio and video, through a platform like Microsoft Teams, all for a competitive price and with minimal installation work required?

A Brave New World of Sound and Vision

Now there is – and it’s called the AudioCodes RXV80 all-in-one video collaboration bar.

Its stylish exterior and fast setup is perfect for huddle rooms and small shared rooms, and is a great fit for managers’ and executives’ personal offices as well. Deployment is a breeze thanks to its robust mounting element and minimal cable connections, taking the plug-and-play concept to a completely new level.

Certified by Microsoft, the RXV80 delivers an exceptionally productive yet familiar Microsoft Teams meeting experience that wows employees wherever they’re based. Its excellent image clarity and enhanced voice quality ensure that remote participants can see and hear everyone in the room, and can also participate in full Teams video and sharing sessions.

And because we know that busy IT professionals have their work cut out looking after a more geographically dispersed workforce, the RXV80 is supported by AudioCodes’ centralized device management and monitoring solutions, enabling easy monitoring and device upgrading from quite literally anywhere.

So if you’re surfing the hybrid work era wave, and you need to get kitted out with audio and video equipment that won’t let you down, the RXV80 could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Want to make sure that ALL your team members can be seen and heard in the hybrid work era?



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