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Get AI-Ready Today with the SmartTAP 360° Call Recording Solution


As I’m sure you’re aware, AI is almost certainly the hottest trend in the tech world at the moment, surpassing even the cloud. In fact, as Gartner recently pointed out, AI is practically the very definition of hype. Now, while hype is often an overused (and much abused) word, in this case I believe that it’s entirely appropriate. This is because, as we speak, AI is rapidly becoming a must-have technology.

Let’s take a look at some statistics that demonstrate pretty conclusively that AI – not to mention Voice.AI, better known as speech analytics – is on a roll:

  • A report published by MarketsandMarkets™ found that the size of the global speech analytics market is expected to jump from $941.1m in 2019 to $2,175.8m in 2022. The main drivers for this stunning growth are the need to deliver a superior customer experience, the rising importance of real-time analytics and the increasing demand for speech analytics in the business process outsourcing sector.
  • According to Gartner, 50% of analytic queries will be generated through searches based on natural language processing by 2020.
  • In the United States, voice searches currently constitute around 20-25% of Google Android App searches.

Given these numbers, it’s hardly surprising that there are plenty of AI solutions out there, mostly in the speech analytics field. It’s safe to say that it’s highly likely that you’ll be using such solutions in the future, if not already. And because AI is very much data-dependent, and speech analytics can work either by processing voice data in real-time or after it’s already been collected, it makes sense to be AI-ready by gathering your business data now in preparation for future analysis.

Want to be AI-ready?

Yes, Get Me Ready!

We at AudioCodes already record our meetings for precisely this reason.

Recording meetings for speech analytics purposes means that the right people in an organization will be kept totally up-to-date with all the issues that matter to them. For example, someone in a meeting might mention an issue with specific customer account. But what if the account manager isn’t present? Well, AI-based speech analytics can then notify him or her so that any problems can be swiftly resolved. Another possible scenario involves someone who wasn’t officially a registered attendee speaking at a meeting. AI technology can easily identify the speaker should any follow-up be required.

So, if by now you’re convinced of the importance of being AI-ready, how can you start collecting your voice data?

We believe that AudioCodes’ SmartTAP 360° is exactly what you’re looking for. This solid enterprise interactions recording platform has been designed to meet the highest organizational standards for recording voice communication data. By capturing the full range of enterprise interactions, SmartTAP 360° ensures that organizations are completely prepared for the AI applications of the future, whatever happens.

SmartTAP 360° makes it possible to:

  • Collect voice communication data for later-stage AI or speech analytics applications.
  • Enhance productivity with actionable insights resulting from everyday communications.
  • Build an independent, internal archive of organizational communications with no third‑party dependency.

It’s clear that a Voice.AI revolution is coming. But to really make the most of the exciting changes on the horizon, you must take the necessary steps to be the owner of your organization’s own voice data. And as you can see, SmartTAP 360° helps you to do just that.

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