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Enreach Offer Seamless Migration to Microsoft Teams Phone via Operator Connect

Enreach Offer Seamless Migration to Microsoft Teams Phone via Operator Connect

At AudioCodes, our mission is to create the most advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions available in our competitive globalized economy. But don’t just take our word for it! Read on to see how our market-leading technology helped Enreach to develop their own Microsoft Operator Connect offering.

The Customer

Enreach is a European-based unified communications provider that focuses on making business technology, connectivity and productivity integration easy for organizations as they grow. The company operates in over 25 countries and has more than 1,200 employees working in 27 different offices across Europe.

The Challenge

The incredible growth in Microsoft Teams adoption, strongly driven by the rise of the hybrid workplace during the past three years, had not gone unnoticed by Enreach.

In response to their perception of current trends and innovations in the Microsoft Teams market, Enreach decided to explore the various ways of developing and integrating their infrastructure for Microsoft Operator Connect and becoming a Microsoft-certified Operator Connect partner.

To achieve this goal, Enreach needed to find a quick and efficient solution that would speed up their onboarding to Microsoft Teams Operator Connect, and at the same time free up internal resources for other, more lucrative, business activities.

The Solution

After carefully researching a variety of potential solutions, Enreach identified AudioCodes Live Cloud, a Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Accelerator solution, as by far the best fit for their needs.

Their selection was strongly influenced by Live Cloud’s ability to unify the verification and certification processes for Microsoft Operator Connect, all while meeting and exceeding Microsoft’s stringent Operational Excellence and SLA metrics to assure enhanced reliability and 24x7 monitoring services.

Enreach were also impressed by Live Cloud’s lifecycle management and advanced communications portal, which empowers their customers to oversee user calling policies and automation management.

AudioCodes Live Cloud runs on Azure and includes AudioCodes’ Microsoft-certified SBCs. It includes unique private peering via ExpressRoute, which exchanges traffic directly with Microsoft’s networks. The choice of ExpressRoute instead of Microsoft Azure Peering Services (MAPS) slashes delivery time, enabling the quick and easy integration and adoption of Operator Connect by service providers.

The Results

Enreach successfully onboarded AudioCodes Live Cloud, which allowed them to deliver voice connectivity via Microsoft Teams Operator Connect in addition to their existing Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams service. The solution was easy and straightforward to integrate, enabling Enreach to create a compelling Operator Connect offering for their customers in a very short time.

Furthermore, Live Cloud gave Enreach the tools they needed to generate an additional revenue stream from their existing Microsoft Teams customer base, as well as attracting profitable new business opportunities, since the company’s services are now selectable directly from their Microsoft tenant portal. This represents an important extension of Enreach’s activities in the European market.

“We believe that Enreach’s voice solutions are a perfect fit with the Microsoft productivity portfolio, boosting our customers’ Microsoft Teams experience with the help of AudioCodes Live Cloud.”

Martin Classen, Chief Product Officer of Enreach

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