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Enjoy a Hybrid Experience Like Never Before with Microsoft Teams MTR Devices

Enjoy a Hybrid Experience Like Never Before with Microsoft Teams MTR Devices

Up until a few years ago, employees used to work mainly from their offices and, as a consequence, their online collaboration was also generally limited to that very same office. In such an environment, online collaboration consisted mostly of voice calls, occasionally with video, and content sharing was not yet well developed. As a result, the overall online meeting experience was lacking.

However, with the rise of the hybrid workplace, the vital role of effective collaboration in driving higher and sustained productivity quickly assumed great importance. Organizations around the world, in pretty much every vertical, suddenly needed their employees to be able to use their computers to participate in meetings using voice, video, content sharing and other features.

Which is exactly where Microsoft Teams comes in.

Productivity-Boosting Collaboration for Everyone with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a leading solution for collaboration and communication, providing an excellent platform for hybrid meetings. With its outstanding communication features, it can dramatically increase employee productivity, making it an ideal choice for organizations looking to transition to a hybrid work model.

Microsoft Teams Rooms are meeting room devices – running the Teams client and connected to a screen, camera and other room equipment – which provide the best possible user experience for hybrid meetings by enabling flawless collaboration between every participant. To ensure smooth, reliable operation and full support for all capabilities, Microsoft certification is required for all MTR devices.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Rooms (The Right Way)

In order to support a hybrid team using the full range of Microsoft Teams meeting features, most organizations will need to make significant adaptations to what we might call their traditional meeting rooms.

For example, conference rooms that currently only have a projector must be upgraded to fully-featured meeting rooms that include the necessary collaboration devices. These enhancements will enable physical and remote attendees to feel as though they are in the same room together, promoting a more seamless collaboration experience.

To get to the point where they can support their employees properly, organizations must prepare carefully and take concrete steps when transitioning to a hybrid work model. These include:

  • Planning new meeting rooms.
  • Upgrading existing rooms in a cost-effective manner to fit the needs of the new model.
  • Making the most of the office space by creating more huddle rooms and small collaboration areas.
  • And last but by no means least, choosing the right MTR devices.

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You Can Count on Us to Keep You Covered

AudioCodes participates in the Microsoft ecosystem as a certified vendor, and has developed a range of Microsoft-certified audio and video MTR devices that transform your meeting rooms and bring your employees closer together through full support for all Microsoft Teams features.

With exceptionally sharp images and crystal-clear voice quality, AudioCodes’ audio and video solutions facilitate productive meetings where each participant can be seen and heard. In addition, the ergonomic RX-PAD meeting room controller provides a user-friendly interface for managing proceedings.

Simple installation and operation saves time and increases employee satisfaction, making it easy to get the devices up and running anywhere, while centralized device management allows IT teams to keep everything under control from wherever they are located.

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AudioCodes recently presented its vision for the future of meeting rooms in a joint webinar with Microsoft. This insightful session covered a lot of ground, with experts from both companies sharing insider tips on how meeting rooms will evolve in the coming years and how organizations can stay ahead of the game. But if you missed it, you don’t have to miss out! You can catch the exclusive replay here.


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