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Dstny for Service Providers NL Optimize Direct Routing Service Delivery with AudioCodes Live Platform

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Dstny for Service Providers NL Optimize Direct Routing Service Delivery with AudioCodes Live Platform

Dstny for Service Providers NL sought to optimize service delivery by upgrading their session border controllers (SBCs) to a more efficient Direct Routing solution. Partnering with AudioCodes, they implemented Live Platform and AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams telephony, enabling Odido (formerly T-Mobile Netherlands) to offer robust Teams Phone solutions to their customers. This case study dives into their transformative journey towards operational efficiency and customer excellence.

The Customer

Dstny for Service Providers NL, a leading presence in the telecom industry in the Netherlands, provides innovative communication solutions to its clients. With a focus on delivering reliable and scalable services, they established themselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced telecommunications solutions.

The Challenge

As customer demands for Microsoft Teams Phone support increased, Dstny for Service Providers NL aimed to streamline their Direct Routing solution for Odido. Manual onboarding became impractical, prompting the need for automation and seamless integration with existing operation support systems. Their objective was clear – to deliver scalable Teams telephony connectivity while optimizing operational efficiency.

Dstny for Service Providers NL set out to achieve critical objectives including scalability, cost reduction, efficient solution management, enhanced customer experience and sustainable operations. Their goal was to elevate service delivery and support their growing customer base effectively.

The Solution

Dstny for Service Providers NL strategically adopted AudioCodes Live Platform and AudioCodes Routing Manager (ARM) to enhance their Direct Routing services. Live Platform offered advanced automation and management tools, accelerating customer onboarding and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). ARM provided centralized session routing control, facilitating efficiency routing updates across their voice networks.

The Results

The collaboration with AudioCodes led to significant improvements in core routing and seamless integration of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Live Platform drove cost reduction and operational streamlining, resulting in substantial savings. By leveraging AudioCodes technologies, Dstny for Service Providers NL achieved their goal of offering hosted Direct Routing services, empowering staff to focus on core activities while maintaining an adaptable platform.

“The synergy achieved through our partnership with AudioCodes perfectly resonates with Dstny's competitive strategy and our mission of 'strong alone, better together.' The partnership empowers us to focus on core operations, while optimizing technical resources for a dynamic, adaptable, and future-proof service platform for Microsoft Teams."

Guy Van Vliet, General Manager Dstny for Service Providers NL

This case study showcases how Dstny for Service Providers NL, in collaboration with AudioCodes, optimized service delivery, expanded service offerings and laid the foundation for continued growth and innovation in the communication technology landscape. 

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