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AudioCodes Shines at Zoomtopia: Uniting Voices for a Brighter Future

AudioCodes Shines at Zoomtopia: Uniting Voices for a Brighter Future

In the heart of San Jose, California, AudioCodes took center stage at the highly anticipated Zoomtopia 2023 event. Zoomtopia was packed with innovation and showcased how AI, together with an enriched customer experience and modern-day collaboration, can make a positive impact on businesses. This remarkable experience was not just a testament to our forward-thinking mindset, but also a celebration of our productive collaboration with Zoom. 

Our presence at Zoomtopia was marked by resounding success and invaluable learning opportunities. We engaged with our customers, industry leaders and, of course, with the Zoom team, and the discussions were nothing short of inspiring.

Illuminating the Power of Voice

Voice, a critical element in the modern collaboration workspace, claimed the spotlight, with AudioCodes the forefront of the conversation. Our presentation featuring Lourdes Orret, Director of Solution Architecture at AudioCodes, addressing the resolution of today’s voice-related challenges, received a highly favorable response. It was evident that our robust voice capabilities with the Zoom platform are the linchpin to realizing the full potential of voice technology.

A notable highlight of our participation was the hands-on lab that we led in partnership with Zoom. Showcasing our extensive expertise in voice technology, we provided insight into the future of hybrid workplace collaboration.

Extensive Range of Voice Solutions

When it comes to delivering value to service providers or enterprises with a Zoom collaboration strategy, AudioCodes offers an unmatched selection of voice solutions. This includes:

Zoom Phone Provider Exchange via AudioCodes Live Cloud: Facilitating the rapid deployment of Zoom Phone voice connectivity to customers for telecommunications or service providers

BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier): Empowering enterprises to achieve cost savings by seamlessly connecting Zoom Phone to their preferred telecommunication or service provider

Certified Phones for Zoom Phone: Elevating the voice calling experience with superior quality and seamless integration

Zoom Phone Local Survivability (ZPLS): Providing enterprises with the assurance of branch-level resilience, ensuring the continuity of critical voice communications even in cases of cloud connectivity disruptions

Discussions surrounding our product offerings were especially encouraging. Our solution for Zoom Phone Provider Exchange emerged as a hot topic, highlighting AudioCodes voice technology capabilities. Our portfolio of IP phone devices received well-deserved recognition as a key component of our voice solutions, offering high voice quality, resilience and reliability.

Revolutionizing Voice Solutions Featuring AudioCodes Live Cloud

At the heart of our success at Zoomtopia was the incredible impact of AudioCodes Live Cloud. This innovative cloud-based platform redefines the way service providers deliver hosted voice solutions. Live Cloud seamlessly integrates with Zoom’s cutting-edge technology, paving the way for a new era in voice collaboration.

AudioCodes Live Cloud empowers businesses with dynamic voice management, ensuring unparalleled reliability and efficiency in the domain of voice communications. It offers robust security measures, centralized control and scalability to accommodate the evolving needs of organizations.

A Bright Future Awaits

Zoomtopia 2023 highlighted the significance of voice technology in collaborative settings. AudioCodes is poised to assume a leadership role, facilitating seamless integration between Zoom and existing telephony networks and platforms. This integration ensures that service providers and businesses can harness the full potential of voice communication, while taking advantage of the innovative features and reliability offered by AudioCodes.

We’re here to provide you with valuable insights and tailored solutions to meet your communication needs. 


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