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AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar: The Ideal Solution for Office and Remote Work

AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar: The Ideal Solution for Office and Remote Work

Before the pandemic, I had already adopted a hybrid approach to my work due to the flexibility of my role at Microsoft. I alternated between working from home and from other places such as offices, cafes and even airports. Believe it or not, thanks to the advances in noise reduction technology, that flexibility even allowed me to conduct meetings from the beach.

Overall, the pandemic changed people’s opinions about remote work, demonstrating that technological and productivity barriers could be overcome and that the hybrid model could be adopted in the long term.

The Key Role of Microsoft Teams in the Hybrid Workplace

This transformation brought about the need to maintain human connections and create adaptable workspaces inside offices, and Microsoft Teams was crucial in the process of disconnecting from physical locations without losing a sense of belonging.

The benefits of this change include uninterrupted concentration, flexibility to manage time, greater proximity to loved ones and, of course, reduced costs. Many people even adapted their homes to create a workspace, and companies transformed their spaces to adapt.

When I adapted my own space, I tested the AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar, based on Microsoft Teams Rooms, a device that stood out for its ease of installation and improved collaboration from home or the office.

Working with the AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar

The AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar has proven to be a highly beneficial solution in today's hybrid work environment. Its features and functionalities have significantly contributed to improving the collaboration and communication experience in various workplace settings. Some of the key benefits this bar offers include:

  • Simplicity of Installation and Configuration: One of the RXV81’s main advantages is its ease of installation and configuration. Its intuitive design allows any user to get it up and running quickly, minimizing the time and resources required for it to be ready to use.

  • High Quality Audio Experience: The RXV81 is equipped with advanced audio technology that guarantees exceptional sound quality in meetings and conferences. This improves the clarity of communication and allows participants to engage effectively without missing important details.

  • ePTZ Camera with 5x Zoom: The RXV81’s built-in camera offers electronic pan, tilt and zoom (ePTZ) capabilities with a 5x zoom. This feature allows for a more detailed view of meeting participants, which is especially useful in presentations and discussions with visual content.

  • Customizable Presets: The RXV81’s ability to store presets is very convenient. You can easily adjust the audio and video settings depending on the type of meeting you're having, whether it's a formal meeting focused on your face or a more relaxed session where you want more of your surroundings to be visible.

  • Simplified Remote Control: The RXV81’s remote control provides a “one-click to join” experience for meetings. This streamlines the process of starting and joining virtual conversations, which in turn improves efficiency and timeliness in online interactions.

  • Flexibility of Peripheral Connections: Although the RXV81 itself offers a complete experience, the ability to connect additional peripherals is an added advantage. This means you can adapt the setup to your individual needs, such as adding additional speakers or external microphones if necessary.

  • Collaboration in Multiple Environments: Whether in the office, at home or in other places, the RXV81 offers a consistent, high-quality collaboration experience. This allows you to maintain productivity and fluid communication no matter where you are.

  • Inclusive Experience: The possibility of projecting videos, uploading presentations and whiteboarding in meetings improves interaction and the exchange of ideas. This functionality fosters a more dynamic and enriching experience in the collaborative work environment.

A Comprehensive Solution for Boosting Productivity

To cut a long story short, the AudioCodes RXV81 Collaboration Bar is a comprehensive solution that addresses communication and collaboration challenges in the hybrid work environment.

Its advanced features, ease of use, and ability to improve the quality of virtual meetings make it a valuable tool for teams and organizations looking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in an ever-evolving world of work.

About the Author

Federico Muller is a Customer Success Manager at Microsoft. The original version of this blog post was posted on LinkedIn.

You can reach him through LinkedIn.

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