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2020: The Year That Nobody Saw Coming

2020: The Year That Nobody Saw Coming

It’s certainly fair to say, as we rang in 2020, that none of us had any idea that the new year would totally overturn so many of our cherished assumptions about the world and our place in it. The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, with its unprecedented lockdowns, completely shifted our priorities about the future direction of the global economy and how we work.

Goodbye to the Office

The work-from-home model, already very popular in many industries, suddenly assumed critical importance as organizations struggled to keep operating in the face of unforeseeable challenges.

Nowhere was this more obvious than in the dizzying rates of adoption of voice and video platforms. Think Microsoft Teams, skyrocketing to more than 115 million daily active users by October 2020. Or Zoom, ending the second quarter of 2020 with an incredible 370,200 business customers each employing at least 10 members of staff.

At AudioCodes, we understand very well that Microsoft Teams and Zoom fit today’s remote working reality like a glove. After all, their online collaboration, calling and web conferencing abilities are perfect for ensuring reliable connectivity between workers – wherever they may be located.

That’s why we’ve devoted significant resources this year to ensuring the optimal possible Teams and Zoom experiences for every organization – and we’ve backed it up with action, too.

A Better Teams Experience, Every Step of the Way

Let’s start with know-how.

Because we believe in sharing knowledge as widely as possible, we published two highly informative blog posts by one of our top experts that reveal all the secrets of getting a Microsoft Teams project up and running properly. Check them out here and here. The third and final installment in this series will land in your inboxes at the beginning of 2021.

It’s Time to Talk!

We also thought a great deal about how to enhance the Microsoft Teams voice experience for existing users.

With this in mind, we released a number of native Microsoft Teams IP phones – the C470HD, the C450HD (also with an expansion module) and the C448HD, with the C435HD coming up in Q1 2021. Since seeing (and, indeed, hearing) is believing, you can get a C450HD FREE OF CHARGE here.

For those workers who prefer to get together for Teams collaborations in smaller groups in the office, as well as remotely, we’ve got it covered with our Room Experience (RX) suite of meeting room solutions – the RXV80 standalone video collaboration bar, the RX50 conference phone and the RX10 portable speaker phone.

Meet Our No-Sweat Teams Solution

But although Microsoft Teams certainly ticks all the right boxes, we know that not every organization is quite ready for planning, building and managing the infrastructure necessary for a successful deployment.

To make life as simple as possible, we created AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams. This fully managed service delivers all the benefits of Teams with none of the effort usually required for such a project. Not so much lowering the barriers to entry as demolishing them altogether!

Zooming in on Success

We haven’t been resting when it comes to Zoom, either.

To help Zoom users achieve real enterprise-wide productivity and efficiency, we launched One Voice for Zoom.

This dedicated portfolio of Zoom-certified solutions contains everything you need for an exceptional Zoom Phone experience from start to finish, including IP phones and meeting room devices, session border controllers and network and services management tools.

You can see how easily it all fits together in this video.

We’re Not Stopping Here

As Teams and Zoom become a bigger and bigger part of our working lives, we’ll continue to focus on doing all we can to make the user experience even better – so stay tuned for more news!

Like most of you, the AudioCodes blog will be taking a well-deserved break over the holiday season, but we’ll be back again in January 2021 with brand new posts and unmissable insider tips.

See you then!

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